Saturday, February 28, 2009

Musings, 3 Years, and My Crazy

My doorbell rang a couple of weeks ago and there is a man I do not know at the door. Of course I do not open the door, and instead talk to him through it. He immediately told me that he was a nice guy, and wanted to know if he could rake leaves, to earn some money to buy asthma medication for his son. I said, "No thank you." and he went on his way.

I know that I did the right thing, still it makes me a bit sad to think about it, this lack of trust for my fellow humans. I am saddened that I automatically think that a person who does this is lying, or in some way trying to hurt me and mine. He had what looked to be a print about the medication he was trying to get. BUT.. it was dark and thus not an ideal time to rake leaves, and he did not appear to have a rake or any sort of gardening implement. Sad indeed.

About two weeks ago I celebrated my 3 year anniversary at my current job. This is the longest I have spent at any job ever. I am not lying. So if we do the math according to Missy Job Time I have actually been there the equivalent of 15 years. Now if I could just convince the Powers That Be, and get that sweet vacation accrual that comes with 15 years years of employment. An adjustment in pay would be nice too. I guess I am no longer classified as a Chronic Job Hopper. Now I am a recovering Job Hopper.

It has been tough at times to push through. Usually by this point I have moved on to some new challenge and have that period of excitement about things being new, different, and SURELY better. I guess what I now know is that yes, the new job is well... new. The different is rarely the different that I hope for, and the better is usually only short lived at best. So I have pushed through. Having a nice bank of sick and vacation time has helped me push through. The thought of having to build all that up again somewhere else is just more than I want to do. Silly or not, that is the way it is. Ya gotta find the thing that motivates and this is it for me. I think some laziness is creeping through too. I don't want to have to learn new rules and all that other crap that comes with starting a new job. I am getting old. I don't have the energy for that shit anymore.

Continuing to push through is going to be very tough. Some changes are coming down because of budget concerns, and I am NOT HAPPY to say the very least. I am hopeful that the changes will not seem as bad as they do now. I promise that if they are as bad as feared I am not going to be liveable. I wish that I could say more, but I find it best not to say too much about work on the blog.

I am having some sort of weird urge to purchase what you might call big ticket items lately. The list of things I have felt the urge to buy:

new car
Playstation 3
Flat Screen TV
New surround sound system for the flat screen TV
Eliptical exercise thingy

I am not sure what this urge to spend money on Items I Do Not Need is all about, but I can say that it scares the poo out of BH, and I would be lying if I said it was not a little fun to make him nervous sometimes.

Maybe urge is to's more like a desire I guess, because it isn't like I am actually shopping around for them or anything.

Ok full disclosure time. I have done a little shopping around for a car. I actually have a rationale for that one. In a few years, I am sure my car will need to be replaced. Given the current issues for car dealerships I figure right now is a GREAT time to buy. The local dealership has called twice stating their desire for our trade in. We have a small car with good gas mileage, used versions are in demand. Mine is still in decent shape. I would be helping the economy!

I gotta go. I uh....have some car sites, I mean uhhhh...laundry to do.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Need a way out

Hope you all are well.

I continue to be a big blog slacker as you can obviously tell. I have a post that I have been working on, but can't seem to get it finished.

Got to figure out a way to improve my posting numbers.

I think the answer lies somewhere in the phrase " Spend less time on Facebook."

How do you get out of blogging slumps?