Monday, January 17, 2011

Shellacking. But not in a Democratic party way.

Since the new year began I have been trying to be a little less...lazy...shall we say at home and work.

Obviously since it is January 17, and this is the first time I have logged in to this blog, my efforts have not extended that far.

I didn't really come up with any other specific resolutions.

Except that I am going to get my nails done by a professional every two weeks.

I just had my nails shellacked.

Shellacked in a good way, not a democratic party shellacking, which I won't talk about because it makes me want to stare with my yellow eyes and gnash my terrible teeth. Especially as our new dictator, oops I mean governor makes his tear on our poor state.

But I digress!

Back to my shellacked nails! It is a super strong polish process that is supposed to last two weeks and stay super shiny the whole time! They also improve the strength of my nails.

So I am on manicure two of the year, and I must say this is the best New Year's resolution EVER.

I think this one may last past February.

I will try and see if I can get a picture that does my shiny nails justice.

Sometime this year anyway.

I think you all know about me and promises for this blog.