Monday, June 26, 2006

Free Shipping!

Sometimes when I can't think of a title for a blog post, or a subject for an e-mail I just type in the first thing that catches my eye on or around the screen of the computer I am working from.

It kind of confuses people at work sometimes.

The wedding went off quite beautifully. #2 was too adorable for words of course and did a great job in her first (and likely only) stint as a flower girl.

I found just the pair of shoes I was looking for mere hours before the ceremony, so everyone can rest easy now knowing that I did not show up in my "fancy goin' to a weddin' dress" sporting my Old Navy flip flops. (OK. Technically I did show up at the church in my dress and flip flops, only because my toes had just been painted moments before our departure. I changed before the ceremony into my fabulous new silver strappy sandals. I love them. I want to wear them with everything, but they look a little funny with my work out clothes. They also aren't too comfortable for treadmill walking. Maybe if I didn't do the incline....)

I am ready for some down time now. We have had something family oriented going on every night for a week now. I can't remember the last time my children got to bed on time, and it is beginning to show in the nightly performance of, "I am so past the point of exhaustion that everything makes me cry hysterically" show starring #2. Playing at the same theatre is the, " I am really tired and refuse to admit it therefore I am going to grouch and give everyone who speaks to me the stink eye" show starring #1. The performances start at about 7:30 every night at Chez Us. Call now for tickets before they are gone!

That is all I have friends. Not much to blog about these days it seems. So much so that I have pondered putting this blog to rest lately...since I seem to have slurped up what little creative juice I had stored in the refrigerator of my mind.

Eh..who knows..maybe I can just run out to the store.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Because I KNOW you have been on the edge of your seats

My dress arrived today.

It fits, and does not make me want to retch while wearing it.

I am still a bit boobilicious in it, but since I don't have time for a reduction I will just have to live with it.

Oh will look even better with a pair of strappy sandals.

Silver I think.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Only for the very brave AND definitely NOT for the easily offended

I extend a very cautious invitation to some guy's latest blog written by the obnoxious and really disgusting character Chad.


Beware reading it around those who can't see the humor.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

You may wish I had put off posting for another day


Sorry it has been so long, but you can't say I didn't warn you.

Have I mentioned that I have not enjoyed the process of buying clothes for a while?

That fact still appears to be true.

I spent far too long schlepping around today in search of a dress to wear to my brother's wedding next week.

Wanna know what I came home with? dressy.


Because everything was ugly, too expensive, or made me look like I am made of nothing but ass and boobs. Lemme tell you NO ONE wants to look at that. Not that people are going to be looking at me in particular, as it is the Bride's day. Thank God all I have to do is show up with #2 dressed and ready to drop flower petals on time. Once she is delivered I just get to sit back and watch, then eat some cake. My kind of wedding participation.

So I came home shopped online, paid and outrageous amount of money to have the dress shipped before Saturday and get to sit and fret about the dress arriving and not looking atrocious on me.

If not I will recycle the dress I wore to my other brother's wedding three or was it four years ago?

Their pictures didn't turn out so no one will be any the wiser.

Either way I am buying new shoes.

Perhaps I should work on this procrastination thing.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

That's my girl!

It's done!

Frames were picked out in 15 minutes flat.

They are fun, with little flower beads on the temple pieces, yet simple and quite becoming to my darlin' #1.

We did a great big comparison and I did not make comment when the funky pair made it in to the pool.

If she is like me, (and Lord I hope she isn't because I will have to take on a second job) we will be picking out new glasses at minimum every two years.

Seeing as I only buy glasses for myself every 10 years or so I forget how much more they cost as opposed to contacts. I had to go home and change after we got the total.

June is starting to be a very eventful month for this here family.

Dance recital next week, followed by a visit from great-grandparents from Ohio and an great aunt, uncle and cousin from St. Louis. THEN the next weekend my baby brudder gets married.
MARRIED, and #2 is on to be a flower girl in the cutest lil' red dress you everdidsee.

That being said I don't think my posting ratio will be improving any time soon.

I do encourage you to check out one of the many blogs beloved has going on.

Klawhammur Wade through the spelling it is worth it I promise.

JP Sousa Political and witty.

I am pretty sure there will be at least two more coming soon.

You ask a guy to start a blog and wind up with 6 of them.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I have to get glasses!

This is what precious #1 has been telling everyone all evening.

Because it is true.

According to the optometrist whom she saw today the time has come.

We weren't taken at all by surprise, given her family history it has never been a matter of if, but when.

When is now.

I was not able to attend this appointment so no frames were chosen today, as #1 and Daddy felt that choosing of the first pair of glasses is something for which I should be present. So we go tomorrow afternoon to make the big choice.

I have to admit that I am a wee bit nervous about all of this. Those of you who know #1 are aware that she is not can I put this?

She is generally not too terribly concerned with her appearance, but on those occasions where she decides that she is going to be concerned the choices are...wellllll.....interesting.

I know there are many out there who would disagree and that is perfectly ok. However when your parents is po' and can only afford to buy you one pair of glasses I think neutral is the best choice. Stylish..certainly, but neutral. If we could afford more than one pair then by all means go crazy on the second pair, alas that is not the case for #1.

I am so glad that it is actually kind of cool to wear glasses now, because #1 is actually not at all bothered by this and is actually looking forward to wearing glasses.

Amazing to me. I was exactly her age when I got my first pair of glasses and I was horrified. Of course the first day I wore them to school some jerk of a boy made fun of me within 10 minutes of my arrival on the playground. I had to deal with ugly thick glasses until my parents gave in and got me contacts when I was 15. To this day I rarely wear my glasses in public. I gotta have serious issues for that, even with the new technology that means my glasses no longer resemble the bottom of a glass Coke bottle.

Ahhh..the adventures in parenting never stop.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Tap Dancing and Crochet


It has been a while friends.

This exercising and trying to be more active in the evenings has really cut into my blog time.

Well that and I have not felt like posting just for the sake of posting either.

Several weeks ago I purchased a book that promised to teach me to crochet.

A few days ago I purchased yarn and crochet hooks.

I have successfully mastered the chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, and half double crochet.

Tonight I move on to the double crochet.

I tried my hand at crochet about 10 years ago with less than stellar results. Patience has never been one of my strong suits, and I was much less patient 10 years ago than I am now, so I dove into trying to crochet a blanket as my first project, without really trying to master the basics first.

Not surprisingly I never finished the blanket and got rid of my needles, yarn, etc, shortly after I had #1 and could not wrap my tiny brain around ever having time to indulge in something like crochet again.

This time I am taking the slow approach, and plan to do a very simple first project once I have the basic stitches down pretty well.

I will keep you posted and perhaps share a few photos of my efforts as well.

I will also be starting an adult tap class this fall.

Yup it is true. #2's dance teacher approached me about it today and I agreed.

Thought it might be fun, and hope that it will help #2 decide to stick with dance for a while longer.

Yet another tough parenting deal. When do you say, "OK" when your child says they want to stop an activity that they are good at, and is good for them to continue to participate in?

It's a tough call. On the one hand I want my daughter to feel that she has power and choice in her life.

On the other hand...she's 5. Dance is boring right now because the recital is a week away, they are rehearsing upwards of three times a week doing the same 2 dances they have been working on since August. The truth is that things you like and are good at are boring sometimes, but that is not necessarily a reason to stop. Building a skill takes perseverance, and at her age are intelligent people so I don't have to spell it out. When we are not in heavy prep for performance she seems to enjoy herself and we find her practicing steps around the house in her free time. So this year parental rank is being pulled and we are signing her up for another year and myself for a class as well.

That gives us one more year to decide when is enough...enough.

For tonight I believe this is enough.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just in case you haven't wasted enough time reading my blog

I bring you this.

Just so you know, according to this little test I am a poor listener.

Not a very good thing for my chosen career.

Guess I had better quit my job.

It's probably about time for that anyway, after all I have been there a whole three months.

That is a long time when you measure in Missy Job Longevity Time (MJLT).

By the way credit for this little time waster goes to my good friend Tif.