Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mandatory Post

Things are busy, show is going well. Still having fun, but definitely feeling some stirrings of the desire to have my regular schedule back.

Work is busy. VERY busy. I need to reign things in and may need to halt taking new referrals for a bit. Yikes.

Political things have been depressing me lately. As has the general lack of sunlight. I am not sure that we have actually seen a full 8 hours of true squinty, put on your sunglasses sunlight in these parts for nearly a month now.

OK. Would love to chat more, but my current busy life has put me behind on more than just blogging, so I gots to go start playing the catch up game.

Can't. Wait.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

What to do what to do...

I usually like to come up with a good new year's resolution.

For most of the past 12 years or so my resolution has been to lose weight, exercise and generally adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Well....I have sort of already done that. (If you don't count the past two-three weeks of indulgence AND lack of exercise. I wish my scale didn't count it. All in all though I didn't do too badly.)

So of course I plan to keep that all up in 2010. And beyond. That has more or less become a rest of my life resolution I guess you could say.

So when it came to self improvement choices for this year I have been a bit stumped without my old standby to rely on.

I think I have finally decided on two things.

First, most days of the week I am striving to eat the daily recommended servings of fruit and vegetables. While I have adopted a healthier lifestyle and dropped some major poundage, I do not eat anywhere near enough fruits and veggies. That will be important for controlling my cholesterol, so a very beneficial change indeed. Two days in and I am doing pretty well. To maintain though, I have got to find some ways to prepare veggies that I will eat. I am pretty picky on this front so it will most certainly be a challenge.

Second, and boy hidee this one will be a huge challenge for me. I am trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on the computer engaged in non-work related pursuits. In a word, I gotta cut down on the Facebooking. Some comments from my children have led me to examine my computer time and I see now that I am spending more time on than I should. That one is only going marginally better so far. I need to figure out and set some limits for myself and that should help.

I am considering dedicating a day where I do absolutely no extra curricular computer time at all. I haven't quite made that decision however.

So I think those two are enough for now. There are as ever a million things I would like to do/change/etc. But one must start with small bites.

Now. I have told you about my plans. What are yours?