Friday, September 13, 2013

Checking in. Certainly Not Avoiding Housework. No!

Figured it was time to check in with both of you.

So what has happened since May?

Well not a vacation that is for sure.

I finally landed a school counseling job! So yay!

That meant my summer was spent paring my full time private therapy practice down to a veeerrrry very part time private practice. I also had a demanding summer class, did a show, and trained for my new job.

All and all it felt pretty damn busy.

So the school counseling job is going well?
It's hard to tell. There is so much to learn and figure out, that it is hard for me to feel like I can judge how I am doing. I have gotten some good feedback here and there, so I suppose that is a good thing. I'll be glad to have the first year under my belt that is for sure. Maybe next year I can feel like I am effective every once and a while.

Keeping the practice going even on a very VERY part time basis is pretty hectic. The jury is definitely still out on how long I am going to try and keep it up. BH starts the fall musical at his school next week, and I know both of you know how hectic that gets around here. It may be what does me in.

I have picked up the camera a few times over the summer. Mainly to take pictures at a few family gatherings. I did some family pictures for my aunt. I took about 300 shots. I think 90 were decent. I really can't decide if that is a good ratio or not. They were happy with the photos, so I guess in the end that is what's really important.  I took a lot of pictures of my flowers this summer too. I really love the nature photos and my efforts are usually so much more pleasing to me than my attempts at capturing people on camera. I think my next lens purchase will be a macro lens. That will be fun to use on the flowers next summer. I just have to save my pennies. Lenses are expensive.

Still taking classes. Keeping my promise to only take one class. Sort of. I had to do an internship this semester, so it is technically 2 classes but there is very little in the way of expectations for assignments so it is manageable. One more class and one more internship and then I am done. Praise baby Jeebus.

#2 started middle school this year. So far so good. #1 is a sophomore. Oy. I can't think much about that. Didn't I just post those famous wizard hat cupcake pictures from her birthday party a few weeks ago? BH went on a huge hiking trip in Boston over the summer in celebration of turning 40 this year. Longest we have been apart since we married. I am pretty sure I don't want a repeat any time soon. He was cast in Spamalot, and as usual has done a phenomenal job in his role(s).

I think that pretty well catches things up.

See you again in a few months.