Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lovesick Blues

That is the current show tune in my head. I hoped that a couple days off would get them out, but no such luck.

Opening weekend went well. We had good crowds, and I think I did OK. I got applause here and there and that is usually a good sign. I am never truly satisified with what I do on stage. Probably a good thing...keeps me working.

I got really nervous Friday around dinner time. I said out loud that I had changed my mind and no longer wanted to do the show, and didn't want to go. My children were horrified. "Mommy!" said #1 in her most serious voice, "You HAVE to go! You can't stay home!" Then #2 chimed in with, "Mommy if you don't go do the show they might put you in JAIL." (she was dead serious, that is her new fascination..what you do to get in to jail and what happens once you are there.)

Needless to say I went and lived to tell about it, though I had my doubts there in those last seconds before I went on. THIS is why I don't do musicals. They make me too damn nervous and it don't always seem worth the nervy fits I get from them. Uggh.

I have had a good time and this has been a good change of pace for me. I needed to do something different. Next time though I hope to have a less cranky person to portray. I have done that a lot in the past couple of years, and I would like to expand a bit.

Not much else to tell right now... I have a pretty huge headache and I am sure that you all wanted to know about that.

What other mindless stuff can I share?

My camera broke right before #2's school music program. The lid for the battery compartment won't stay closed, which is problematic. Beloved suggested I duct tape it. That made me want to hit him and I told him so which offended him. I was taken back to the two+ years I had to live with a duct taped vacuum cleaner and got a little testy.

I got a magazine with a cover full of chocolate recipes I would like to make tomorrow.

I am thinking about doing the My Space thing. Someone I saw over the weekend suggested it and I have checked it out a little more in depth and it could be fun...I dunno....

It is my birthday in just over two weeks. I am going to be a certain age.

Did I mention that my head hurts?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

5 more days

I have absolutely no business composing a blog post right now, which is exactly why I am doing so.
5 more days and then I have three blissful days off from the show and country music.
In truth I wish that it were five more days until we open, but alas that is not to be.

The countdown on that is two.

I know that the magic of theatre will happen soon. It always does. I just hate that time before it is true.

Yeah I need to go. Cause I am rambling now, and I have 12 hour staying power lipstick to sandblast off my mouth. I am a few short words away from starting to talk about Britney in rehab, and no one else needs to talk about that.

Friday, February 16, 2007

You might be tired if...

Your 9-year old daughter looks at you and says, "Wow Mom you have really big bags under your eyes!"


Thursday, February 15, 2007


Wonder what would happen (and I mean this literally) if I just climbed in to my bed, turned of the phone, fell asleep, and did not go back to work today.

I would go in tomorrow business as usual and just tell them I was tired, I turned off the phones and took a nap while I was home for lunch.

I really wonder what the response and reaction would be.

Too bad I'm too chicken to find out.

I have given it serious consideration however.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm glad I wasn't disappointed

I have been looking forward to seeing The Police perform on the Grammy Awards ever since I heard about it a couple of weeks ago. I was a tiny bit apprehensive as sometimes these things just don't live up to my expectations.

My worries were:

1. They would sing Every Breath You Take.

2. The performance would be a medley of hits. (I hate a medley)

3. It would just suck in general.

4. Sting would no longer be a hottie.

Most of my worries were dumb and not likely to occur I know, but sometimes I am just unreasonable.

Supposedly they are going to embark on a tour.

If they are near I will be seeing them.

Beloved has been prepared for this, and the savings will now begin as I don't imagine this will be a cheap show.

Now I need to find something to eat. I am trying very hard not to become sick and it has got my appetite out of whack. So I must locate something for dinner that is not crazy to eat at 9:00 PM.

Damn germs.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Things likely won't improve over the next month

I know posting has been spotty lately, leaving the two of you who read this in the lurch and for that I apologize.

Things aren't likely to improve much over the next month or so.

I rehearse every evening M-F until the show opens at the end of Feb, which significantly interferes with my ability to waste time on my computer.

Not much is new. The show is coming along I suppose. I really have forgotten how much I hate the blocking process. The past few shows I have done have not required it, so it has been awhile.

I have successfully avoided leaving the house all weekend. I am not sorry about it either. #2 is illin' so we laid low.

Guess what!

Beloved just confessed that he watched some of You're the One That I Want. So Ali, you have a partner in shame now.

Beloved also has let me know that he is ready to pester someone after spending the last hour flipping through TV channels, and I am the only one up. Seeing as how I am a good wife I will say Adios and let my honey commence with pestering me.

Nighty night!