Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Aren't they cute?

Finally got my digital camera up and running. I bought a "slightly used" camera off of e-bay because I did not have the cash to buy what I wanted new. Apparently slightly used cameras come sans USB cables so that photos can be uploaded. USB cables can be pricey. UNLESS........you get them off of e-bay for MUUHUUCH cheaper than you can at any other establishment that sells those items!

Which I did, which means that I had to wait a few days before I could share cute photos like the one in this post.

I think it was worth the wait.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Just to let you know

Today has been the longest day in the history of man.

It is true I swear and NO ONE can convince me otherwise.

That is all I have to say about that.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Helping out the post below

Umm yeah. This gets on my nerves.

Hottie of the Week

This man has been on my list since his days on Northern Exposure.

He does it for me.

I honestly can not believe it has taken me so long to bestow Hottie of the Week honors upon him.

May I present this week's Hottie.....John Corbett.

Friday, January 27, 2006


It occurred to me today after reviewing the past few posts that things have been a little whiny here at Babble On recently.

So lets finish that bottle and move on to something else.

My cute kids.

#2 has a boyfriend. They have shared gum (not ABC) and held hands. They enjoy playing Hyena together at Preschool. Daddy enjoys teasing her about it by throwing huge fake tantrums when she mentions her boyfriend. It is cause for much giggling and laughing which is always a good thing.

#1 got a tadpole right the day before New Year's Eve and appropriately named the tadpole New Year. It is funny..this child has an incredible imagination, but when it comes to naming things she tends to go for the obvious. Brown stuffed animal? Brownie of course, and so on. Any way this week the tadpole has pretty much totally morphed into it's tiny froglet state, and we are way excited. Now that it is a froglet, #1 ordered a fancy looking habitat and got another little froglet so New Year will have a friend.

The habitat and froglet came today and boy was it cool! They (the froglets) can't play together yet, because New Year is just a wee bit too small and newly morphed at this time. New froglet's name...Holiday. Watching the tadpole morph was pretty neat. It took about two weeks to get legs and then after that it took about a week for the arms to come out and the tail to shrink. It was wild this past week and a half because it would look noticeably different in the evening than it had in the morning.

This will make a cool science fair exhibit, and I must say that #1 is doing a cracking good job caring for her pets. Family pet count..1 cat, 1 dog, 3 fish and 2 froglets. There have been rumblings about birds and rabbits...but I think our menagerie is just fine like it is.

So that is the kiddie update. What is going on in your neighborhood?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

To-Do List Scorecard

Here are the stats on my list of things that must be done at work over the next two weeks.

To Do Total: 34 Tasks
Crossed off today: 7
Added tasks today: 7

So apparently on 1/26/06 I break even.


Did I mention that one of the tasks on my list will likely take about 42 hours give or take to complete?

Not encouraging people. Not encouraging at all.

It may be time to decide what will not be detrimental if left undone prior to my departure.

It may be time to quit farting around on my blog and do some damn work.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


That pretty much sums up my day dear readers.

I have some major short-timer syndrome going on at work and I SO can NOT be that way.

I have ungodly amounts of work that is behind and must be completed before I leave in two weeks and dammit if I don't keep having to deal with new crap that comes up every day.


I am looking for some kind of temporary disease or disability that will only last for two weeks and really only affects my functioning duirng work hours.

Any ideas?

Monday, January 23, 2006

It's Here! It's Here!

At last! My digital camera is here.

Well not here at my house in my possession, but I got a little slip from the postal worker today saying that I had a package to pick up at the post office and it would be available tomorrow!


(I love getting packages in the mail don't you?)

Beloved, behave yourself when commenting to the above sentence.

Everything old is new again

This weekend we introduced our children to the Muppet Show. For those not in the know the first season is out on DVD. I am not sure if there are more beyond that or not.

At any rate it appears that the Muppets can hold their own with the current generation of youngsters just as well as when I was a wee one.

I have never heard #1 laugh so much at a TV show. She takes after her father, she has a good sense of humor and a true appreciation for those things comedic but it has to be pretty darn funny before she will laugh out loud. So I personally was more entertained watching the kid's reactions.

Favorite bit so far...Mnnah mmnah of course (I have NO idea how to spell that.) Can't even tally up the number of times they have wanted to watch just that bit. It has been stuck in my head all weekend. Beloved Husband and I have gotten a kick out of watching the two of them perform the song together. That is a big barrel of cuteness I gotta tell you.

Just don't ask about how much we have bent the TV limits this weekend.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Confessions of a chronic job hopper

Some of you may have noticed that I have posted infrequently this week. The Scrubs Complete Second Season DVD I ordered last week came in on Wednesday and watching that has used up time I often spend on the computer composing amusing and thought provoking posts for you my devoted readers.

I apologize for my absence. However I must warn you that I have a disc and a half yet to watch so this pattern has a high probability of continuing.

On to the subject of this posting's title.

Here is a not so secret secret of mine.....

I don't tend to stay at jobs very long.

I think I now know the real reason I job hop and that is truthfully I don't want to have a job. I would much rather stay at home and take care of my family and home. I could be very content doing that full time. However that particular position does not pay money and won't cover our financial obligations.

Also, I have been working for a long time. I started having regular weekly babysitting jobs when I was 12 and held a job every day after school once I turned 15. Towards the end of high school and often through college I held down two jobs. So I have put in a fair amount of time in the job force already. I think I am ready to collect a pension now.

I have had a tendency to think/hope the grass is going to be greener in the other pasture when it comes to jobs.

I have been burned by that. More than once. Did I mention that I am a slow learner when it comes to some things?

So after being in my current position for 6 months I am once again preparing to move on to another job.

I did not really plan on this one. I really had every intention of sticking this one out for a long haul. I also did not plan for my employer to change the expectations of my position so that I did not feel that I could not perform adequately. Despite that I was going to plug along. However an opportunity presented itself and I decided to submit my resume and see what happened.

Well what happened is that less than two weeks after submitting that resume I found myself getting an offer and accepting it.

I do think this position will certainly help me meet my long term career goals (clinical licensure) and I know I will enjoy the work. (The benefits are better too 3 weeks vacation from year one, after two years it goes up to 3.5 or 4 I can't remember!From the get go!) Given this I am challenging myself to stick this one out for the long haul.

So in three weeks time I will move on to be a staff clinician at a local mental health center. So the clock will start ticking February 13.

I think I can meet this challenge.

Wish me luck.

Whew! The old saying is right...confession is good for the soul.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Yes it is another shameless plug. Different friend this time.

Many of you are familiar with my friend Ali over at Lies! All Lies!

Check out her most recent offering in the internationally famous newspaper the Topeka Capital-Journal.

Even though Ali is a very adult and mature 24 year old, she is still hip enough to make it in the Teen section.

Go Ali!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Why was I not offered this job?

Paris HiltonAge: 24
Earnings: $6.5 million

$7.6 million Canadian
3.7 million pounds
$8.7 million Australian
288.2 million rupees

Whether it's her peculiar pet collection or her famed feuds, the Hilton heiress is nothing if not talented tabloid-fodder. Of course, between her reality-TV experience, her best-selling novel and her own perfume, the 24-year-old isn't too shabby at making money.

I did not know that that personality was a career choice.

Had I known this I would have saved myself a bundle of money on that silly Masters Degree and made a bundle of money instead.

I have a personality, and have been told by others that it is a good one.

Just one more boat I missed I guess.

To read about others (far younger than myself and many of you who read this blog) who make ridiculous amounts of money click here.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to You! (Etc., Etc)

Today is my Beloved's 33rd birthday.

So happy birthday to you lover boy.

Hope it has been a good'un.

Friday, January 13, 2006

So how was your evening?

I spent mine at Walmart and Sam's Club grocery shopping.

While we were putting away the groceries my beloved was telling me how the jar of pickles we bought rolled out of the sack but, was saved from hitting the floor and breaking into MANY small pieces by the bag's handle.

Well I was on my way to the fridge to put the jar away....

You guessed it. Slipped right out of my hands and smashed in to many little pieces all across our kitchen floor. So I got to clean it up.

Damn ceramic tile.

You should be able to view and read the post below. Hope you enjoyed my little anecdote. If you didn't just keep quiet.


I know you all have been waiting and wondering, "When is Missy going to post those pictures of #1 and #2 at Halloween like she promised?"

Well friends the wait is over! In a record two and half months time I have managed to get the Halloween pictures developed!

So as promised... my little darlings.

Not totally thought out thought for the day

Why do we strive to teach tolerance instead of acceptance?


Thursday, January 12, 2006

So you can read the post below

This is the only way I know to get the post below to show up correctly. Not sure why this happens.

Nighty-night all! Sleep well and sweet dreams!

Because I KNOW you care...(humor me)

I finally won a bid on e-bay. Now I can rest easy.

Thanks for caring and allowing me to share.

Stay tuned for fabulous photos from my hard won e-bay digital camera.


Thanks to my friend Poopie for this one.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


It is official.

I don't feel like doing Jack S%$# today.

For once I don't have 800 back to back home visits scheduled, only one much later today, so I have the whole day to get caught up on all the little duties I regularly neglect because I don't have time to deal with them.

What am I doing instead? Blogging.


Why do we have to work 5 (or more) days in the week. Wouldn't just 2 or 3 suffice?

There are just so many other things I would like to spend my time on.

I could list them but I don't feel like doing Jack S&%#.

I think I'll go get a snack.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Shameless plug on behalf of my friend

Now I think it is important to use one's blog for worthy causes, such as helping out a friend.

I have a friend. Let's call her.....Poopie.

My friend has a birthday coming up in about two weeks give or take.

Compose yourself people because this story gets a little emotional now.

My friend Poopie has never EVER had a professional manicure OR pedicure.

This is a tragedy folks (Ted).

Real tragedy.

The good news is that this tragedy can be turned around and a happy ending is within reach.

How?! I am sure all of you (Ted) are asking. What can be done?!!

The answer is simple my friends. (Ted)...

A gift certificate to the spa for a mani, and pedi.

Such a simple gesture, that will bring happiness and joy to Poopie's birthday.

May I recommend Bella Spa and Salon on 21st Street next to Maximus Fitness and just down the way from the Goodwill Store? They do lovely work there.

Take the plunge (Ted) and create even more joy by giving that gift certificate with pre-arranged appointments. (Bonus points are available for this extra step.)

Go on do it.

You (Ted) won't be sorry.

This shameless plug was in no way influenced by the potential recipient of the proposed gift.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My new addiction

Yesterday marked the 11th anniversary of the marriage between me and my Beloved.

Yes there exists someone out there who has been willing to live with me for 11 whole years, AND seems inclined to continue.

Actually he has lived with me longer than 11 years (we lived in "sin" (according to some of my more devout family members that is a story for another posting perhaps) for a year prior to getting hitched, and we have been a couple for almost (gulp) 14 years. That is a long time my friends, and I don't feel old enough to have been with someone that long.

But I digress...on to my new addiction!

For Christmas my Beloved bestowed upon me one of my favorite gifts from him to date. A gift certificate to a local spa where I would be the recipient of a manicure, pedicure and a ONE HOUR massage.

Needless to say I was thrilled! He also took the time to schedule the appointments on our anniversary, so that I could spend an afternoon being pampered and getting pretty THEN go out on the town with my honey. What a man, it was like getting TWO gifts.

Now I am not what you would call a girly girl. I have gone through periods of time when I have attended to such things as painted nails and toes, but generally I do not place priority on such things. So this was the first time I had ever had a professional mani or pedi.

I am officially hooked. I want this treatment weekly. I can not stop looking at my pretty feet and hands. I am really sad that it is winter and too cold to wear sandals so that others may enjoy the gorgeous vision that are my feet right now.

I told my beloved that he could feel free to bestow this particular gift on all future occasions that call for such a thing.

I am ready to re-do the budget to accomodate my new found joy. (Ok make up a budget that would include this!)

I am ready to be a GIRL!!!!!!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Hottie of the week (shout out to my girl edition)

We try hard here at Babble On to accomodate our public.

With that in mind I present to you the Hottie of the week (a little early I know just deal with it.)

Hugh Laurie.

This one is for you Ali.

I posted a big picture just for you.

I Hate e-bay

&%$#!(*& e-bay. I keep bidding on things and loosing and it is PISSING ME OFF. People need to leave my bids alone when I am the high bidder.

This has nothing to do with the fact that I am trying to buy things that I don't have enough money for. IT DOESN"T.



Thursday, January 05, 2006

Troubling Signs

I was driving down 21st today and either just before or just after I crossed Topeka Blvd. (I can't remember now) I noticed this huge billboard for an organization I believe is called PFOX. Apparently this organization is parents and friends of ex-gays.

I don't even know where to begin on this one, but it has bothered me all day.

This is yet another time I wish I had that digital camera so I could post a picture. If you are driving out that way look for it and tell me what you think.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Seven words you can't say on television

Not really, but I could not think of another 7 reference for the title.

Some people (ok person) has made a request to do this 7 thing. So I will make a stab at it in an effort to put off taking down the Christmas decorations just a little longer.

Here goes...

7 things I want to do before I die

1. See my kids become adults.
2. Play with my grandchildren.
3. Go on a cruise.
4. Travel in Europe with my beloved.
5. Own an outrageously expensive and very stylin' pair of designer shoes.
6. Get old.
7. See good government in action.

7 things I can't do

1. Math.
2. Control other people.
3. Predict the future.
4. Read sci-fi books.
5. Climb that big rope in PE class.
6. Whistle through my teeth.
7. Impersonate Wolf Man Jack.

7 things that attract me to other people

1. Good sense of humor.
2. A fine boo-TAY. (Mainly for the male persuasion)
3. Liberal.
4. Ability to carry on an interesting conversation.
5. Concerned about people other than themselves.
6. Share my taste in music.
7. Truly like kids.

7 things I say most often

1. We'll see.
2. I love you.
3. What is he/she doing right now?
4. How is that working out for you?
5. Maybe.
6. Have you.....?
7. I am so tired.

7 books or series I love

1. Little House on the Prairie series of course!
2. Just about anything by Dr. Seuss.
3. Judy Blume adult and young adult fiction.
4. Sweet Potato Queen series.
5. Most anything by Judith McNaught.
6. Gone With the Wind.
7. North and South.

7 movies I can watch over and over

1. When Harry Met Sally.
2. It's a Wonderful Life.
3. Sixteen Candles.
4. 4 Wedddings and a Funeral.
5. Better Off Dead.
6. Gone With the Wind.
7. Meet me in St. Louis

7 people I want to join in

1. Jeff
2. Dan
3. Ali
4. Valerie
5. Kayla
6. Tina
7. Jeff D.

Whew. That was tough. I think I need to take a wee nap before I tackle that decor.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hottie of the week...NAY! Hottie of the YEAR!!

Well friends it is a new year and the new year just would not be complete here at Babble On if we did not name a Hottie of the Year.

Hottie of the year 2005 did not appear in any magazines, nor did he appear on film or television.

This hottie is a Midwestern boy, born and bred. He appears weekly at a small town high school in our fair state...Kansas.

He occasionally appears onstage locally and is funny as hell if I do say so myself.

Our Hottie is a devoted family man, and recently won awards from his wife for cleaning the house, washing and folding all the laundry, braving Wal-Mart on a Saturday afternoon, (on New Years Eve no less!) and made preparations for guests while his wife lay in bed fighting off a vile illness.

I could go on and on about the virtues of this man, but it is late and I know that you all are dying for me to make the big reveal.

So without further ado I present the Hottie of the Year for 2005........

My beloved husband.

Sorry there are no statuettes or cash prizes dear..but maybe a little sumpin sumpin later on. (nudge nudge wink wink!)

Sorry ladies...this hottie is spoken for.

Just so you are in the know

I think it is important to keep up on these things don't you?