Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pending Show and Test = Even fewer blog posts than usual


I am in another show! It has been over a year and half since my dainty lil' feet graced the boards.

I am pretty excited about it. Except for the rehearsing part. I would like rehearsal a lot better if it didn't cut so far into my free time. I do enjoy having some extra time around adults, even if it means taking out my ever rusting social skills. I also am enjoying getting to put on an accent. I do love it when I get to do a character that requires an accent.

I don't have a huge part, but it is the one I wanted and the character is a lot of fun.

Because memorizing lines, blocking, along with all my other regular activities: parenting, being a wife, working wasn't quite enough to fill absolutely every second of my day, I thought I might throw in a test to complete the Infant/Toddler Mental Health endorsement process I have been involved with for the past two years into the mix.

If you remember about two years ago, I bet I posted something about taking my clinical licesnse exam. If I didn't I know for damn sure that I have posted many times about my being prone to anxiety. Well let me tell you if you didn't already know....tests of any kind send my anxiety THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF. Test anxiety might be at the top of my most anxiety provoking events list. Medical issues and having to testify in court rounding out the top three. Really it just depends on which of those three things is most imminent, then that event soars to the number one spot on the countdown.

The night before I took my clinical exam I had an awful dream that I was hanging from the bottom rung of a ladder that was suspended from the ceiling and hanging about 100 feet from the ground. The only good thing about the dream? Patrick Swayze was hanging there with me. He didn't seem to provide much comfort seeing as how I woke up panting, sweating, and with a very strong desire to puke.

Wonder what dream this latest test will provide?

Stay tuned.

I'll try to pick up on the posting.

But both of you know how that usually goes....