Monday, August 31, 2009

A Journey Update

Dooooon't stop Beeeeeliiiieeevvinnnn'!! Hold on to that feeeellllllliiiiiiinnn'! (You have to imagine that this is actually being sung by Steve Perry as it is in my head for this to work you know!)

So the Journey To Better Health.

Well the first milestone has been met. This past week I finally hit the first goal mark. I am now officially at the weight recommended by my doctor. I have fully committed to going on to my own personal goal that is 7 lbs past the doctor goal.

Wait, did I say 7 pounds??

Oops. I misspoke, becuase as of yesterday I only have 6 pounds left.


I have gone back to my earlier vigilance about keeping track of my calories every day and added in the extra 10 minutes of exercise. That seems to have gotten me over my stall. Not dropping quite as rapidly as in the beginning, but dropping pounds again all the same.

Still have good energy and mood. And the best news of all has to be the clothes.

Oh the clothes.

I finally had to break down and go get some clothes to get me through the rest of the summer weather here. (Seeing as I am in Kansas summer weather could end next week or possibly sometime in mid-November.) I was shocked by the final results when I went to try on clothes. I have been wearing things anywhere from 2-3 sizes too large. Which explains why belts were not very helpful. I barely held it together in the dressing room. What was even more exciting is that the final size was almost loose. Not enough to go one more down, but I am suspicious that once I drop the last 6 that I may be one more size down. Especially if I keep up with some of the toning stuff I am doing.

I have renewed my love for buying clothes. Oh my sweet baby Jesus I have renewed it. Clothing stores are once again my Mecca. So many pretty choices. So many.....

However I will have to keep myself in check. While it is good for me to be slimmer, that is not a good state of being for my bank account.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's get random

I have no solid unifying theme for this post. It has been a while since I have done a Randomosity post so I figure....what the hell?

#2 figured how to make armpit farts this weekend. She can also do back of the knee farts.(Is there a name for that part of the body? Kneepit? I tell you this is the kind of thing that keeps me awake at night.) We are now discussing when and where it is appropriate to make such noises. Good times indeed.

How 'bout this healthcare reform? I have not been following it too closely because it makes my head spin and I figure why would I purposely raise my blood pressure? My barely informed thoughts you ask? In a nutshell...I don't think we will see true reform and I am pretty certain that it is the fault of greedy insurance companies. This makes me very sad. Almost more sad than angry. Almost.

Did I tell you that we now have a kitten? Yup. Cat number 3. We are apparently running an animal refuge here at Chez Babble. Why a 3rd kitty? Because EMILY posted a link about overcrowding at a local shelter and I am a giant sucker is the short version. Yes Emily I am still placing full blame on you. The kitten's name is Penelope. She is a tiny sweet little Calico Kitty. Ooh! I can do a full post with pictures later!

I am feeling less irritated at work. That is nice. A small raise and the return of A WHOLE HOUR of paperwork time has helped. Helped some apparently, seeing as I am not opposed to making snarky comments about the management's "generosity" on the paperwork end. The raise was nice, and given the current state of the economy, world, job market, etc. I feel extremely grateful to be in a position to have gotten an unplanned raise in the middle of the year. But the paperwork hour made me laugh. (We used to get 8 hours blocked off and many was the week that barely covered what needed to be done.)

I bought some new clothes last weekend. I figured I could not wait until winter as I originally planned when I had two incidents where I was running and my pants nearly fell off, and my decision was cemented when I was able to pull off a pair of denim capri pants without undoing the zipper and button. My current size is one I have not seen since a few glorious months post-partum with #1. (So that would be nearly 12 years for those keeping track.) I might have gotten a little teary in the dressing room. I might have gotten really excited that the new size was such that it won't take much to go down one more either. I am trying to come to terms with the feelings of shallowness that accompany my elation over this very respectable jean size. I am doing MARVELOUSLY overcoming by the way. I am trying to keep my urge to buy lots of fun new clothes under control. This is difficult.

Have any of you watched the show Coupling? It is a BBC comedy and by God it is hilarious. I strongly suggest checking it out. You can watch it instantly on Netflix if you are a member. Seriosuly. As soon as you are done reading and commenting on this post I want you to go immediately to Netflix and start watching. If you don't belong to Netflix join. Now.

What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can't Spill The Beans But I Wanna

I have some exciting stuff brewing here at Chez Babble.

I really REALLY want to write about it, but I am not ready to make it quite so public just yet.

Soon though.

In other news, school is back in session, and we are adjusting back to that way of life once more. I am trying not to be emotional yet about it being #1's last year of elementary school. It does not help when BH shares bits of trivia like, "Hey! Did you know that this is the last year the girls will be in the same school together until #1 is a senior in high school."

I'm not saying my eyes got leaky at that one, but they were extra watery for a few minutes.

#1 is definitely presenting with some pre-teen moody issues. I may change my references to her from #1 to Moody Blue.


This is challenging my patience in a tremendous way. Adolescents are delicate creatures. They must be handled with skill. My skills in this area are dull and weak right now. I am having to do much stopping and thinking before reacting.

Just like baby and toddlerhood this will pass. Right?


Somebody throw me a bone here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Visions of what is to come?

School starts Thursday.

#1 has just been diagnosed with Strep.


This does not bode well people. Not at all.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


So last night I dreamt that I was on some kind of a dance team for a grocery store that we used to frequent when we lived in California.

The store and the dance team were named Lucky.

The uniform for the dance team were tight white t-shirts with Lucky and some shamrocks done in sparkly green crystals. This shirt was paired with green shorts. (This part was very vivid.)

I seemed to be the odd-woman out on the team. I never had the right outfit, my shoes were too dirty, I was late, my hair and make-up were below par. The mothers and other girls on the team would whisper and laugh at me not-so-much behind my back. It was never really clear in the dream if I was an adult or a teenager again.

I felt like I had this dream before recently, but am not sure.

I am sure that I hope this dream does not make an appearance again. It is not terribly fun to live out a high school situation in dreams that was far worse than anything I experienced as a teenager.

Of course I can not seem to keep from asking myself what this dream is about and where are it's themes coming from.

Not that I believe in that sort of thing. Mostly.