Saturday, August 01, 2009


So last night I dreamt that I was on some kind of a dance team for a grocery store that we used to frequent when we lived in California.

The store and the dance team were named Lucky.

The uniform for the dance team were tight white t-shirts with Lucky and some shamrocks done in sparkly green crystals. This shirt was paired with green shorts. (This part was very vivid.)

I seemed to be the odd-woman out on the team. I never had the right outfit, my shoes were too dirty, I was late, my hair and make-up were below par. The mothers and other girls on the team would whisper and laugh at me not-so-much behind my back. It was never really clear in the dream if I was an adult or a teenager again.

I felt like I had this dream before recently, but am not sure.

I am sure that I hope this dream does not make an appearance again. It is not terribly fun to live out a high school situation in dreams that was far worse than anything I experienced as a teenager.

Of course I can not seem to keep from asking myself what this dream is about and where are it's themes coming from.

Not that I believe in that sort of thing. Mostly.


Shari said...

Have you ever had a moment where a piece of a dream seems to be coming true? I don't always remember the dream, but I get a shiver-like feeling about a moment.

Missy said...

Yes. My grandmother had a a stroke almost 9 years ago. A few months before she had the stroke, I had a dream that I had gone to her house, discovered she had a stroke and could not get through to 911 to help her.

The day she had her stroke, I happened to stop over to the house that morning, determined she had a stroke, dialed 911 and was disconnected in the middle of giving them the pertinent information. It was at that point that I started to lose it, because that dream had been very vivid and I had not forgotten it.

I get a little edgy if I have really vivid dreams about situations that could happen in real life after that experience.

Super creepy.