Friday, January 26, 2007

I prefer to catalog this under multi-tasking

Oh dear reader(s).

I am sad sad pathetic pathetic person.

I have reached a new low.

I...I know they say confession is good for the soul so here it goes.

My story begins at about 1:00 yesterday afternoon. I go in to work later on Thursdays and thus take my lunch hour a wee bit later as well.

On with the story.

When I got home I was hungry. VERY HUNGRY. Mind consuming hungry. Need food immediately hungry.

You get the picture.

I also needed to clock some exercise time. I don't like to exercise immediately after eating for obvious reasons, but today I just could NOT wait that long. I needed a snack.

There were many options, apples, carrots, a little juice perhaps to boost the ol' blood sugar.


the men who come in second to my husband for my love...Ben and Jerry.

Now you don't know me at all if you think I did not grab that little carton of heaven here on earth.

I did.

Here comes the pathetic part.

I am pretty tight on time if I am going to exercise and eat lunch, so I decided to do a little multi-tasking.

You can probably guess what I did but I am going to tell you anyway.

Lady(ies) and Gentleman(men) I proceeded to polish off the 1/4 pint of ice cream WHILE I WAS RIDING MY RECUMBANT BIKE. And it was GOOD. Ohh so so good.

It is true. I wouldn't make this shit up even for my blog.

I think that I need to write some kind of manual or book on the art of multi-tasking 'cause baby I got it DOWN.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's National Pie Day

Woo Hoo!

At Chez Us we will be celebrating with a Marie Callender Chocolate Satin Pie, to be consumed post-exercise whilst viewing season 2 of The Office.

What better way to honor something we all love.
We are choosing to ignore the bad for us part of this experience.
It has a cookie crust! A COOKIE CRUST! Health be damned!
Didja notice the whipped cream and chocolate curls????

What kinda pie did you/would you eat?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

File Under Stuff I Did Not Envision Including My Participation

So I find myself doing another show.

Had no plans to participate in any shows in the near future.

BUT a local director called and asked if I would audition, and when a director calls and asks me to audition or offers a part I automatically turn in to The Girl Who Can't Say No.

So I said yes I would audition, I followed through and now I find myself with a role.


Y'see those who know me know that I don't do musicals. Until now apparently.

I should probably mention one more thing about the show.

It is all about a dead country music star.....
and I play his wife.

That's right folks not only is it a musical, but a whole entire show dealing with country music.

Y'see I don't "do" country music either. Until now apparently.

So beware children..these are the things that can bappen when you become the girl/boy who cain't say no.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Where can I find Cat Barf Barbie?

Tonight we had to do some grocery shopping at The Place I Most Hate to Shop.

Whilst on our quest to get groceries we had to make a detour to the toy department to get a birthday present for #2's bestest friend who is having a big birthday bash on Friday.

#2 has decided that her bestest friend would like nothing more than a Barbie.

Not my favorite gift idea, but...

So #2 picks out the Barbie she thinks Bestest Friend will like best.

I gave it a rather cursory glance and made a comment along the lines of, "oh look Barbie has a dog." and tossed it in the basket.

You see whenever I have to shop at The Place I Most Hate to Shop it is my goal to get out of there ASAP because..I HATE IT.

On with my story.

The checker handed #2 the bag with the Barbie in it and #2 starts talking about how when she gets in the car she is going to take the Barbie box out of the bag and tell us what it can do.

Now you see that should have been my first inkling that sumpin' warn't quite right.

However.. the checkout line at TPIMHTS is surely one of the gates to hell and again I was not giving my full attention seeing as we had been in line checking out for AT LEAST the same amount of time we spent filling our cart throughout the store. For at this place you must pass an exam and skill test proving that you are the slowest and most annoying person on earth but I digress again.....

So after 8 or so hours we are finally in the car on the way home and #2 begins to tell us what the Barbie and her dog do.

What they do is doo doo to be precise. (The dog anyway not Barbie.)

Yes dear readers we have purchased Dog Shit Barbie.

Barbie's pooch eats a little snack and then..

Oh-Oh! Poochie does a doodie.

THANK GOD as #2 pointed out, Barbie is provided with the appropriate tools to clean up the dog doo doo.

THIS is the gift my child will be giving to her Bestest Friend and she is SURE it will be considered the best present at the party.

I have managed to rein in my compulsion to call the parent ahead of time and explain the whole story. I imagine that compulsion will happen at either drop off or pick up at the party.

Maybe I can just give them the blog address. It would be easier.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Haaaapppyyy Biiirrrtthhhddaaay toooo...

My most beloved husband. He is now as old as moi. So for the next two months and one day he can not make jokes about his wife being older than he is.

Because now we are the SAME AGE.

I don't care what all you math minded people out there say.

Since it was cold and very sleety out we opted to stay in most of the day. I am trying not to complain about the weather as I am somewhat relieved to see that we are actually experiencing a little bit of winter. Disappointed that we did not get the snow they had predicted as it would have been fun to play in over this three-day weekend.

Not too much happening. It always seems that we hit a lull in activity after winter break. I don't mind much really, as it seemed that since school started we have been crazy making busy.

Stuff I have been thinking about:

The environment, and personal changes me and my family need to make in regard to reducing our negative impact. Mostly in the thinking stages now. We have been doing a few things such as buying more organic products. Being conscious of shutting off lights. (This may not seem like much but we got a lotta rooms in this house and we have not been so good about keeping unoccupied rooms unlit.) Like I said..still in the thinking stages here's hoping for more action soon.

Goals. I have set some and so far I am making progress. Woo Hoo.

Brownies. There are some downstairs and I want one with a glass of milk.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What exactly

IS a Nymphomania Saber?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

12 Years and Counting

The Mister and I have been married for TWELVE YEARS as of today.


Our marriage is entering adolescence.

We still have an awfully good time together and I must say that Beloved is still my favorite person to hang out with.

Our usual celebratory dinner and movie took place last night. (Oh yeah we admired our living room area rug too as anniversary was part of the package justification for buying it deal.)

Am I really old enough for all of this?

I ask that question A LOT lately.

But more on that another time.

Here's to another twelve years (plus many MANY more of course) with my SB.

With an incredible abundace of love,


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It gets better from here on out I am sure

I have to say that our New Year is not off to the most fantastic start.

It started off on New Year's Eve with a sickly child.

The first and second days were fine enough.

Today or more specifically tonight not so good.

Car accident.

Everyone is ok obviously or I would not be writing this entry, but I have to say it was the worst accident I have been in since high school.

We were going down a fairly busy street here in town when a young man in a SUV got confused and thought that he was at a four way stop sign and it was his turn to go. Problem is, it was a two way stop and he did not have a clear intersection because we were in it. So he slammed in to the driver's side of the car.

Driver's door is smashed in totally and it broke the window on the driver's door. It was dark so there may be more damage we weren't able to see. Frankly what was visible was enough for me. The car was driveable, but it was a chilly ride home for my honey. Grandma and Grandpa came and took me and the littles home. Beloved was driving so took the brunt of the impact and he is fine thank the Good Lord. The girls are fine. They were a little shaken up, but have handled it very well.

I suspect there may be some stiff muscles tomorrow, but that is ok. Better that than something else.

Now I am off to recouperate from our trauma with a little Office (American version, we just finished the BBC version. HI-Larious. Check it out if you haven't yet.) and something that resembles dessert.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year Etc..Etc..

Yeah I might be more enthusiastic if I had not had to return to work today.

That is the thing about vay-cay. You hafta go back and that is just wrong.

Spent the day trying to get back in the swing of things, it may take me a couple days. Maybe when everyone else in da house is back at school and work it will be better.

Had a good time over the past week. It was a very good balance of fun stuff and being really productive. Got several projects completed. The most embarassing being the three years worth of school pictures we finally hung on the wall last night. Three years. That is some kind of lazy.

Got to see our good friend Ali while she was home, and she brought her husband too as an added bonus. We had a lovely visit with them and there were cookies!

Our New Year was low-key. Unfortunately there was some illness back with #2, but she seems to be better now. We ate too much food and played with friends and family which is always a good thing.

No resolutions this year. We have decided to go with goals. Measurable outcomes. I will keep you posted as I know all three of you are on the edge of your seats.

Hmmm....what else.....

Heard on NPR today that there are new regulations being put in place for people looking to adopt children from China. Apparently if you are a single parent, obese (BMI of 40+), are currently taking or have taken anti-depressants in the past two years you will not be eligible to adopt.

Don't seem quite right to me.