Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Where can I find Cat Barf Barbie?

Tonight we had to do some grocery shopping at The Place I Most Hate to Shop.

Whilst on our quest to get groceries we had to make a detour to the toy department to get a birthday present for #2's bestest friend who is having a big birthday bash on Friday.

#2 has decided that her bestest friend would like nothing more than a Barbie.

Not my favorite gift idea, but...

So #2 picks out the Barbie she thinks Bestest Friend will like best.

I gave it a rather cursory glance and made a comment along the lines of, "oh look Barbie has a dog." and tossed it in the basket.

You see whenever I have to shop at The Place I Most Hate to Shop it is my goal to get out of there ASAP because..I HATE IT.

On with my story.

The checker handed #2 the bag with the Barbie in it and #2 starts talking about how when she gets in the car she is going to take the Barbie box out of the bag and tell us what it can do.

Now you see that should have been my first inkling that sumpin' warn't quite right.

However.. the checkout line at TPIMHTS is surely one of the gates to hell and again I was not giving my full attention seeing as we had been in line checking out for AT LEAST the same amount of time we spent filling our cart throughout the store. For at this place you must pass an exam and skill test proving that you are the slowest and most annoying person on earth but I digress again.....

So after 8 or so hours we are finally in the car on the way home and #2 begins to tell us what the Barbie and her dog do.

What they do is doo doo to be precise. (The dog anyway not Barbie.)

Yes dear readers we have purchased Dog Shit Barbie.

Barbie's pooch eats a little snack and then..

Oh-Oh! Poochie does a doodie.

THANK GOD as #2 pointed out, Barbie is provided with the appropriate tools to clean up the dog doo doo.

THIS is the gift my child will be giving to her Bestest Friend and she is SURE it will be considered the best present at the party.

I have managed to rein in my compulsion to call the parent ahead of time and explain the whole story. I imagine that compulsion will happen at either drop off or pick up at the party.

Maybe I can just give them the blog address. It would be easier.

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