Thursday, January 18, 2007

File Under Stuff I Did Not Envision Including My Participation

So I find myself doing another show.

Had no plans to participate in any shows in the near future.

BUT a local director called and asked if I would audition, and when a director calls and asks me to audition or offers a part I automatically turn in to The Girl Who Can't Say No.

So I said yes I would audition, I followed through and now I find myself with a role.


Y'see those who know me know that I don't do musicals. Until now apparently.

I should probably mention one more thing about the show.

It is all about a dead country music star.....
and I play his wife.

That's right folks not only is it a musical, but a whole entire show dealing with country music.

Y'see I don't "do" country music either. Until now apparently.

So beware children..these are the things that can bappen when you become the girl/boy who cain't say no.


Ali said...

Actually, there are a few other things that happen when a girl cain't say no...

What's the show? And where?

Missy said...

Yeeaaahh, I have been a victim of some of those other things a couple of times. Weak willed I guess.

The show is at Helen Hocker(I have not done anything there in about 15 years, so the call was really surprising and out of the blue) and it is Hank Williams Super Highway or Lost Highway or something like that. I never get past the Hank Williams part before I have to stop for a giggle fit because I am actually telling people that I am in this show. It is a perfectly fine show, just so NOT what I would typically choose to do. I have been saying that I was ready to do something different show-wise, I just did not envision this level of different.

Ali said...

Dude, I totally auditioned for that show here! Hank's wife is a great part and is supposed to be a terrible singer so you'll be great! I mean... you know what I mean. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I got a call as well, but couldn't do the show because I am already doing Full Monty at TCT. She asked me to name some other folks to try. I hope it is a good experience for you- I don't know if I could've survived that much country music. K-la

Missy said...

Yay for K-la in the Full Monty!
Happy Belated B-day by the way. Hope it was a good'un.