Friday, January 26, 2007

I prefer to catalog this under multi-tasking

Oh dear reader(s).

I am sad sad pathetic pathetic person.

I have reached a new low.

I...I know they say confession is good for the soul so here it goes.

My story begins at about 1:00 yesterday afternoon. I go in to work later on Thursdays and thus take my lunch hour a wee bit later as well.

On with the story.

When I got home I was hungry. VERY HUNGRY. Mind consuming hungry. Need food immediately hungry.

You get the picture.

I also needed to clock some exercise time. I don't like to exercise immediately after eating for obvious reasons, but today I just could NOT wait that long. I needed a snack.

There were many options, apples, carrots, a little juice perhaps to boost the ol' blood sugar.


the men who come in second to my husband for my love...Ben and Jerry.

Now you don't know me at all if you think I did not grab that little carton of heaven here on earth.

I did.

Here comes the pathetic part.

I am pretty tight on time if I am going to exercise and eat lunch, so I decided to do a little multi-tasking.

You can probably guess what I did but I am going to tell you anyway.

Lady(ies) and Gentleman(men) I proceeded to polish off the 1/4 pint of ice cream WHILE I WAS RIDING MY RECUMBANT BIKE. And it was GOOD. Ohh so so good.

It is true. I wouldn't make this shit up even for my blog.

I think that I need to write some kind of manual or book on the art of multi-tasking 'cause baby I got it DOWN.

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Ali said...

Seriously, that visual alone will keep me happy for days.