Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year Etc..Etc..

Yeah I might be more enthusiastic if I had not had to return to work today.

That is the thing about vay-cay. You hafta go back and that is just wrong.

Spent the day trying to get back in the swing of things, it may take me a couple days. Maybe when everyone else in da house is back at school and work it will be better.

Had a good time over the past week. It was a very good balance of fun stuff and being really productive. Got several projects completed. The most embarassing being the three years worth of school pictures we finally hung on the wall last night. Three years. That is some kind of lazy.

Got to see our good friend Ali while she was home, and she brought her husband too as an added bonus. We had a lovely visit with them and there were cookies!

Our New Year was low-key. Unfortunately there was some illness back with #2, but she seems to be better now. We ate too much food and played with friends and family which is always a good thing.

No resolutions this year. We have decided to go with goals. Measurable outcomes. I will keep you posted as I know all three of you are on the edge of your seats.

Hmmm....what else.....

Heard on NPR today that there are new regulations being put in place for people looking to adopt children from China. Apparently if you are a single parent, obese (BMI of 40+), are currently taking or have taken anti-depressants in the past two years you will not be eligible to adopt.

Don't seem quite right to me.



Ali said...

Wait, what was the reasoning behind this? That's just weird.

Missy said...

I believe it had something to do with China being over run with adoption requests and this was the method they chose to pare down the number of qualifying families. There was a suggestion that this would be a temporary measure until things were under control again..but still very strange indeed.