Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hottie of the week...I KNOW

He may be overexposed, and people get tired of hearing about him...blah, blah, blah.

It still does not change the fact that he is so very enjoyable to look at.

So without further ado I present the hottie of the week .......

Brad Pitt.

He had to come up sooner or later. I voted for sooner.

Being the only vote is rather nice sometimes.

However, being an open-minded blogger I am always willing to consider outside suggestions for future hotties to be featured here at Babble On.

Serious buyers only please.

If you are going to Hell be sure to keep your tighty whiteys covered

This evening we attended something called Judgement House at my mother's church. It is described as a Christian alternative to haunted houses. There is a plot and you go in to different rooms where short scenes are enacted to tell the story. My mother directed the event this year and thus the reason for our attendance.

One of the scenes was supposed to take place in hell. (Surprising I know!) It was of course filled with evil looking characters and Satan was there. Black lights were used to help create the atmosphere. It did look good. Until...

Two of the characters were thrown to the ground before Satan, and taaaa....daaaaaaa.........

Great glowing bands of tighty whities peeking rather prominently above the waistbands of their pants!

I mean it's bad enough to be going to hell, and then on top of it to have everyone be able to see what comes after London and France...

It's just wrong.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Has anyone else noticed when running a spell check on a post that it does not recognize the word blog?

I thought that was kinda funny.

Oooohhhhh...I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

Man am I full.

I had a rather long day with no breaks, and so my beloved kindly offered to take us all out for dinner and I got to pick where we went because I had worked the longest and was the most tired member of our family.

I chose Little Tokyo, a new Japanese Hibachi/Sushi place on Huntoon. The food was great. Quality-wise it was just as good as Kiku (one of the other Japanese options in town for anyone reading and not familiar with Topeka. Although I really don't think there is anyone like that reading this blog. If someone out there fits the description of not being familiar with Topeka speak up! No need for being shy around here!) The service was EXCELLENT. Far superior to Kiku. The prices on the kiddie menu were terrific. And....AND....we came home with enough left over for both my beloved and myself to have a delicious lunch tomorrow. Bringing home leftovers is always the mark of a good meal in my book.

I am hoping we are able to move by then.

Now I must go unbutton my pants.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A plug for a new family owned business

For all of you out there in the Topeka and Lawrence areas...

My aunt and uncle own the Iwig Family Dairy and are now bottling and selling their milk. It is bottled in half-gallon returnable bottles which is said to greatly improve the taste, and it is bottled right there on the farm and much fresher than what you get at the store. They are selling whole, 2%, skim, and chocolate. Right now you can buy from the store they have on the farm. In a few weeks it will be available at Food 4 Less in Topeka and Hy-Vee in Lawrence.

Details can be found here.

I will be buying tomorrow, so can not comment on the product yet, but have it on good authority from other family members who have had the opportunity to sample that it is the best milk they have ever had.

If you can check them out!

Home Alone

I don't find myself home alone very often. I guess technically it happens more often since I changed jobs, because I can do work from home. That isn't quite the same to me.

Thursday has become the day that I work late to accomodate those families who just can not meet before 5 PM. This particular Thursday my beloved opted to go ahead and feed the children and make the weekly trek to the grocery store without waiting for me to come home to join them, in the hopes that he will get done earlier. So I found myself with the opportunity to choose wherever I wanted to go for dinner. (Tonight it was Bo Bo's, I guess I needed some grease in my life.) I got to eat and at the same time catch up with my internet browsing. Our house rule for dinner time is that everyone eats at the table together, no TV, toys, books, etc. Music is allowed, but we try to keep things as distraction free as possible so that we can hear about everyone's day, tell silly stories, make plans, all that good family stuff. We do that whether all four of us or home, or it is just two or three of us. It usually makes for a rather pleasant time.

Now there are times when I really wish for those precious few occasions when I am home alone. I think about what I could do, blah, blah, blah.

Once I actually get them they are always disappointing in some ways. Some how I can't seem to remember all those things I wanted to do, and find myself just hoping everyone comes home soon.

I guess my feelings could be considered good or bad. Good of course that I love my family and want to spend time with them. Not so good in that some might think that I have have lost my sense of self, and that taking time for myself is critical to being a "good" wife and mother. (A phrase that makes me CRINGE) Even though it makes me cringe I devote a lot of thought to whether or not I am being a "good" one. Everyone has to have something to be neurotic about. That concern happens to be one of...some...things that I am neurotic about. (Beloved Husband may not reply to this statement on the grounds that his home life may suffer if he does!)

Just some thoughts....

Now I must go and press my nose against the door and watch for my honeys to come home.

Wait....there will be groceries to unload and put away...maybe I will just pretend that I fell asleep.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Can I simply say...

That I really AM NOT enjoying myself today.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Got nothin' to say to you

Well kids, I am fresh out of ideas for today. It really is a pity that I can not discuss what goes on at my job...I have some GREAT stories.

I would like to keep my job and my license, so I must stay silent.

Life for me is not exactly blog entry inspiring at this point. At this time of year my existence is a bit like a revolving door of work, seeing after the home and children, sleep, work, seeing after the home and children...You get the idea.

My beloved is gone quite a bit tending to his high school musical directorial duties, and as production nears he will be gone even more.

Thus it is nearly time for my annual reflection on why I would never make it as a single parent. This usually involves me forcing my beloved to swear his undying love and devotion to me, and I extract my yearly promise from him that he will never divorce me because I don't do solo parenting NEARLY as well as I do duet parenting. I really like him too, so I make sure to throw that in too, for good measure.

It happens every school year usually around the first or second week of November, or about two weeks prior to production time. Like clockwork. I do like my routines.

Maybe I should have guest writers or something.

#1 could share her short story, "Hamlet the Talking Dog." A riveting story about a dog who can talk in human language. Ask her about it next time you see her. She worked very hard on this book and is quite willing to share it with others.

Maybe I could start a forum. I have always wanted to do that.

That would require a topic.

I really don't have one.

Monday, October 24, 2005

#@$!% Technology

I should be working on paperwork for my paying job, but I can't get logged on to the system for some reason this morning. So since I can't do my real work, I guess I will just blog.

I love technology and I love it that I can do at least part of my job from the comfort of my own home when I choose. I find however that I have no patience at all when the technology I have grown to love and depend on does not work. It does not bring out the best in me I must say.

What is really neat is that as I am writing this my computer continues without success to connect to the system at work.

Driving me @!#%$&(! crazy.

So before I curse in front of # 2 I think I will calmly shut down my computer and do something else.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


This is what #1 yells every Sunday at about 7:00 PM CST. That is the call to let us know that it is time to watch her absolute favorite show... Extreme Makeover Home Edition. #1 discovered this show not long after it's debut about a year and a half ago give or take. We started watching it together as a family as it is one of the few shows on that: 1. Had appropriate content for all ages in our household to watch. 2. It did not drive us crazy to watch it.

If my beloved and I are honest the bloom is off the rose for us as far as Extreme Makeover Home Edition goes. The cheese is getting to be a bit much. (That new theme song goes on mute with the first note 'round here) Ty trying to get in touch with the family's feelings makes me cringe. It reminds me of a surfer boy trying to do therapy, "Dude.. so it like must have really made you feel sad when your dad died in that fiery car wreck...bummer." The little "ha-ha aren't we cute?" romp through Sears is wearing thin, as is the blatant product endorsement. This season the best solution for the midnight snack attack at the construction site is a burger from Wendy's! Hell they truck 'em in on a great big mobile Wendy's catering unit.

Of course they always say how this family is the nicest family they have ever met and the most deserving. In response to this my beloved and I want to pitch an idea. Extreme Makeover Home Edition: The asshole family episode. Just to shake things up a little.

Despite our complaints we continue to watch with the children each week. It is fun to see their reactions to what is happening, and we get to have fun joking with and teasing #1 about her crush on Ty Pennington. In case you were not aware he is her boyfriend and she plans to marry him. She has yet to inform him about this.

So earlier this week I found out that "Extremey" was in Kansas, just outside of Wichita. Now last season they did a house in KC, MO but I didn't hear about it until too late. My Beloved and I talked it over and decided to take the girls on a little road trip to see what we could see. At 9:30 AM we were off to Rose Hill, Kansas.

We all had pretty low expectations about how much design team action we would get to witness. So we weren't disappointed. We had sightings of 5 design team members, got to see some filming and construction. We had a great view of the house, there were not too many spectators today. The big reveal is tomorrow so I guess people were waiting for that. Not us. It would be cool, but WAY too many people to deal with. We got to see #1's boyfriend drive by in a truck. So all in all everyone was pleased with what they got to see and felt that it was worth the drive. The girls even got t-shirts.

So in honor of my trek to see the latest EMHE home this week's hottie is Ty Pennington. I agree that he can be very annoying on the show, but the bottom line is that he is mighty easy on the eyes so I forgive a little obnoxious behavior.

But if he ever yelled in my face with that damn bullhorn, I promise he would find it shoved right up his tight and fine ass.

P.S. Here is my Beloved's current favorite way to tease #1 about Ty. He has said that he is going to get a pig for a pet and name it Sty Piggington. Drives her nuts, because that is now how he refers to Ty at all times.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Never mind the mainstream

I read something in a magazine yesterday that said the average American watches 8 hours and 11 minutes of television EVERY DAY. I had to read the sentence three times to be sure that I had not misinterpreted what I was reading. I shared the stat with my beloved and he had me read it again to be certain I was right.

I would find it amazing if our TV was on eight hours in one week. Where do people find this kind of time to watch TV? Do they get to watch at work? Is there that much that is interesting to watch? I have a hell of a time finding much that I am interested in personally. Granted we have the most basic cable plan available, which is more or less the local network channels and a few others. 25 in all I believe. Even so, part of the reason we gave up expanded cable was due to the fact that there was so little we were truly interested in watching. (And my beloved's problem with stopping himself from flipping channels despite the fact that he did not want to watch anything.)

I am well aware that we watch a lot less TV than many people. Those of you out there who know us well are aware of our constant crusade to decrease how often we turn on the TV. The most effective remedy has been moving the TV to the attic. Out of sight out of mind really does work. With the advent of TV series coming out on DVD so quickly we rarely watch prime time at all any more.

It was just startling to me to see that we are apparently way out there when compared to the average American. Not that I think that is really so terrible. I guess I just consider myself to be a fairly average person... nothing too exciting or strange about me or my family.

This is the second thing in the past couple of months to make me stop and think about the fact that maybe my views and taste in things is just a little farther out of the norm, average, whatever you wish to call it, than I originally thought. The first was my favorite radio station getting switched to a new (AND VERY CRAPPY) format because they were in the bottom three radio stations in KC. This was completely unbelievable to me. This station was the best, well not THE best. That award has to go to KFOG in San Francisco. But this station was a close second. It was and still is unbeliveable to me that not everyone or for that matter many people at all apparently thought the same.

So I guess maybe my ideas about and taste in certain things in not what you would call mainstream.

Not a bad thing I guess.

Just makes it hard to find something to listen to on the radio.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Anyone remember...

Some reasons why I have said I wanted to go in to my chosen profession?

I find myself wondering about that today.

We are officially old

My Beloved Husband and I have been suspicious for a while now that we are what you could classify as old.

It really kind of snuck up on us.

The first hint came a little over a year ago when the house next door became a rental and was leased to 4 young men from a small Kansas town. These 4 young men happened to be college freshman. This was NOT exciting news to me, as I feared loud drunken parties that went on for all hours.

My fears came true and then some. I did not count on neglected puppies left to cry all night outside our bedroom window, or the purchase of a trampoline that sat right under the same window, and apparently only worked at night with very loud and intoxicated young women.

Oh yeah and then there was the week they had tents set out in the front yard for no apparent reason. Our assumption was that they had run out of room in the house and were charging people to live on their front lawn. It also seemed that their sound system had only one volume, that being loud enough to shake the walls of our house, and it was only able to play bad rap music.

Over spring break they had four parties. On the fifth one, after we had gone over and complained to them with no luck (Surprising I know!) We finally called the police. I will admit that I watched out the window like your stereotypical nosy neighbor and literally cackled with glee when the police arrived and the people began scurrying out the back door like rats. (First REAL proof that we are old)

One glorious day in August a big trailer pulled up in front of the house and they began to load furniture in it. I am not ashamed to admit that I did a very happy dance. I managed to keep from putting my foot through the big speakers they had sitting in the yard while they moved furniture. I also fantasized about hurling them into the street and screaming, "I don't like these and this is what I am doing about it!" That was a tough one to keep in the realm of fantasy land.

So they moved. Peace at last.

Or so I thought.

A week later three young men began moving furniture in to the house. I tried to hope for the best. Soon however my worst fears were confirmed. More college boys.

I had hope. I met the girlfriend who asked if she could use our outside faucet to get water to clean since they did not have the water turned on yet. She said that the boys were pre-law, pre-med, and pre-vet. Also upperclassman. Frat boys, but not the rowdy kind. At least one had a serious girlfriend too. I tried to stay positive.

A few months went by and we barely hear a peep out of them.

Then last night the honeymoon ended.

We could hear the music and people when we went to bed at 11. (They do have better taste in music, Chili Peppers this time.) I did manage to fall asleep but awoke again at 1:30 when my beloved got up grumbling that he was done and began to put on clothes to go over and complain.

Definitely old.

What sucks even more is that next time..... It is my turn to go over when a complaint needs to be made.

Damn college kids.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Anyone got some cheese to go with my whine?

I'm tired. A little grumpy too. Wanna know why? Too bad because I intend to tell you regardless of how you feel. This one is all about me.

I had a long day.

I had to do a home visit at 8:00 this morning. That home visit ended just in time for me to speed to the office to sit in training all day. Not the passive sit and listen while you munch on good snacks kind either. This was the type where there were no snacks (unless you brought your own) and you had to participate! Role play! Demonstrate that you could properly use the skills being taught! It went from 9-4:15! We only got two breaks not counting lunch! I had to deal with work stuff on those breaks too!!! Then I had to rush home so that I could get dinner on the table, actually eat some of it and see my husband and kids for a few minutes. Oh yeah, at the same time I was making menus for the next week and making up the grocery list. Then I had a home visit to do at 5:30. When I got home from that at 6:30 I got to change clothes, get in the car and go to the grocery store. AT WALMART. It just so happens that I hate Walmart. It also just so happens that they have the cheapest groceries around so I suck it up and deal with it. Not always graciously I will admit. Then the groceries had to be put away. (Now what kind of crap is that?) Then children had to be put to bed. Then I had to complain about my busy day on my blog.

Ahhhh....I feel much better now. You all are such great listeners.

Now that I have un-loaded I plan to eat some chocolate and watch the last of Arrested Development Season 2.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What is in a name?

#1 is beginning to show an interest in.... (GULP).....I don't even know if I can type it goes.......


In past years at both pre-school and elementary school there has been passing mention of boys that she considers boyfriends and at least one that she considered to be her future husband.

This year it seems that the whole liking boys thing is moving on to new levels. Levels that make her father and I uncomfortable it seems, so we have been teasing her about it a bit. Probably not a great idea, and we intend to get that under control.

Here is my question...

Should we be concerned that her current love interest seems to go by the name of Nasty Boy?

Monday, October 17, 2005

And to think that I saw it on Mulvane Street

Earlier this evening while I was making pasta, a horse named Ginger gave birth to 14 colts in the space of 30 minutes. This was not a case of in-vitro fertilization. These (with the exception of a few) were single birth episodes. It seems that this is birthing season for Ginger.

Now if you think that was amazing, I strongly urge you to sit down right now before you read any more.

A stallion named Bronco gave birth to triplet colts, shortly after Ginger birthed her last colt.

This was all just before dinner.

You just never know what will happen in your own home.

Mother/Father and babies are all doing well by the way.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

All Hail Missy...Queen of Domesticity

(Insert Queenly Wave Here)

Yes...I am the Queen of all things domestic, wifely, and motherly today. I have laundered the clothing of my beloved husband and children. Cleaned the top floor of the Boyer Castle. Cooked a delicious meal that actually involved chopping, grating, sauteeing, and the use of several pans. Trashed the Royal Kitchen in the process. Broke the Royal Decree that one who cooks does not have to clean up...because the Royal Kitchen was in such AWFUL disarray after my queenly cooking extravaganza.

Of course a Queen is nothing without her court. HRH Jeffrey.. King of the Boyer Domicile was right by my Queenly side assisting with all domestic duties today. Princesses #1 and #2 also did their part as well.

So now things are winding down at Boyer Castle. The Princesses are tucked in to their beds, and the King and Queen are now preparing to retire to the Royal Basement to fold laundry and walk upon the Royal Treadmill while watching TV.

Who says the life of a Royal is easy?

Ta for now.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Comic Strip You Should Check Out

If you have the time and inclination I would recommend checking out the comic strip "Boondocks." It is usually pretty darn funny and has a definite political bent to it. Now those of you around Topeka, our fabulous Capital-Journal (said with sarcasm) does not carry this strip. The KC Star does or you can find it on-line here.

Let's see I have posted a hottie for awhile, so let's give a little picture of this weeks handsome hunk o' man. This week's winner is......Goran Visnjic. The only reason I still occasionally tune in to er.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I know I said there would be no deep political discussion here but..

Say it isn't SO!

Stuff I personally should not read

Does this whole bird flu potential pandemic creep anyone out besides me? Mutating viruses...bad...BAD!

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

I got fired by # 1 this morning. I am no longer her friend apparently. What did I do, you may ask to fall so far out of the good graces of my eldest? I had the audacity to make her change an outfit that she had outgrown. Today is picture day for her and we had chosen her clothing last night before she went to bed, not knowing that the Grow Overnight Fairy had been to visit her recently. It has probably been about a month since she last wore this particular skirt and shirt, and they fit fine last month. This morning however we had belly and nearly nipple exposure, (not to mention massive complaining that the shirt was not comfortable.) # 1 is pretty famous for being extremely picky about what she wears. If she could get away with it she would wear nothing but sweat pants and t-shirts and or fleece shirts. You have no idea how many fabrics are "itchy." I myself was not aware until # 1 came along.

Serenity now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I've got a date with three of my favorite men

Sorry for the short post folks, but I have a date with my husband, a pint of Ben and Jerry's Half-Baked and the second season DVD of Arrested Development. I will try to say something clever tomorrow. Unfortunately right now my brain is clouded with visions of gorging on ice cream and TV.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'll take mine with cream and two sugars

Preschooler thought for the day....

What if people were buried in coffee cups?

Makes you think.

Monday, October 10, 2005

It doesn't count if you are on the phone

I own a cell phone. I virtually never leave home with out it on purpose. There are a couple reasons for that. I have a job that requires me to be on call and carry a pager 24/7. I have children and can not always be with them, and my greatest fear is that something would happen to them and I could not be reached. Neurotic? Very likely. Nobody is perfect, not even me despite the fact that I am always right as my horoscope has stated.

Today I was fortunate enough to have my last client of the day cancel on me and turn a work day that was slated to end at 7:00 end at 4:30. Pretty good deal. Since I was off early and got the evening dinner, homework, and chores out of the way in good time I decided to take a walk with my little darlings down to the local park. Once there #2 wanted to swing so I obliged her. Next to us was a man with a little boy perhaps 2 or 3 years old who he was rather absently swinging as he talked on his cell phone. A short while later a little girl about 6 I would guess came up and repeatedly tried to get her dad's attention to help her do a cherry drop. The dad ignored her first several tries to get his attention, and then he finally grouched at her to be quiet he was on the phone. Now I know children need to be taught not to interrupt when someone is on the phone. BUT THEY WERE AT THE PARK. You are supposed to have your parent's attention at the very least for safety reasons. She then started to push her younger brother on the swing while he walked off and gabbed.

We were at the park for about 1/2 an hour and the man FINALLY got off the phone about 5 minutes before we left.

I have been unreasonably bothered by this since it happened. I can not think of too many calls that can't wait while you give attention to your children on an outing to the park. I realize that there may be factors in this situation that I am not aware of and am in great danger of being judgemental. There is probably a fair amount of my own guilt at never feeling like I have enough time to spend with my children at play here too. I am sometimes jaded by the fact that the work I do involves helping parents who are struggling and have lost custody of their children due to poor parenting.

I am not a perfect parent. I sacrafice time that could be spent with my kids in favor of work and chores often. But I can say that when I make the time and effort to do something with my children I am present and involved, and I try to do that regularly.

So when you are out there at the park with the kiddies, put down the phone. Play. Talk. Trite as it may sound in a few years once they have outgrown the park and are walking 30 feet ahead of you everywhere you go in an effort to pretend they don't know you, I guarantee you will wish for those days when they constantly sought out your attention. Those days are coming for us faster than I like to admit, and I dread them with all my heart.

So tomorrow, I will read an extra story and play one more game before we get ready for bed.

I am going to put away my soap box for the day.


Ya Gotta Have One or the Other, or One More Reason to Avoid Scientology

I watched a CNN news clip online this about Katie and Tom this morning. I was particularly intrigued by the title of the clip because it included the words "silent birth." Apparently the Scientologists believe that the birth process should not only happen without drugs, but the mother should also be silent during the process. (This is obviously a condensed version of the philosophy.)

Now having given birth twice myself, I feel well qualified to weigh in with an opinion on this one.

Someone is F@#$&%g nuts. Or a man. In this case I think both apply.

I opted to go au naturel when having my first born. No drugs. Nada. They were offered more than once, and my beloved husband asked me more than once if I wanted them. I refused, for reasons I won't go in to at this point.

My option for pain management was to scream. Loudly. It really did make me feel better, and involved no needles in my spine. I would never be so arrogant as to say this is how everyone should go about the birth process. I firmly believe that a woman has to do what she thinks best and if that means drugs at the first twinge... Great!


Do what you got to do to get through.

Scream your head off or take the drugs. Ya gotta have one or the other.

That is all I have to say about that.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quel Dommage.....What a Drag

We didn't win the lottery last night.

Guess that means I have to go to work in the morning, and I guess we had better go ahead and buy that new vacuum cleaner.

My favorite I won the Lottery daydream is where I call in to work the next day after finding out I won. Here is what I say when I call in, "Hello this is Melissa, I won't be in to work ever again." I then quietly hang up the phone. I get on a plane with my loved ones and go far far away for an undetermined length of time. At least for however long it takes for us to decide how much money we keep and how much we give away.


Guess I had better finish folding the laundry too. Since there are no domesitc assistants in my future.

Here's hoping for better luck Wednesday. Send good thought people. We plan to be generous.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Day 3

So is it a bad thing that 3 days in to my blogging career I am already struggling for something to post?

Slow day I guess. Somehow I did not think that the chronicles of the Boyer family shopping for a new vacuum cleaner made interesting reading.

Damn those vacuums are expensive. If I am going to pay $600 for a vacuum (I never will by the way) it had better do more than suck the dirt off my floor. It needs to provide a floor show or other amazing services at that price.

Maybe we will win the $208 million Powerball Jackpot tonight and I can just hire a cleaning service.

That would be nice. I promise to share our winnings with those close to me and my family.

Stay tuned.

Since this was a slow day I have included a picture to make things more interesting. Zach Braff...easy on the eyes and HI-larious too. Always a good combination in my opinion.

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Best Horoscope Ever!!

This was my on-line horoscope today:

"You're right -- everyone knows it. There's no reason to say it. You know the truth."

Now I have proof. There will be no stopping me now.

I think I am done for today. No one can question me either. Because I am right. The stars say so.


Cute boy.

Gael Garcia Bernal for those of you who may not recognize the cutie in the photo. My real purpose here is to see how this uploading a picture thing works. Thought I may as well make it worth my while by posting a handsome hunk o' man.

Oh yeah, if you don't mind movies with subtitles check out Motorcycle Diaries or Y Tu Mama Tambien (or something like that.) Both star the man on the right and are good movies too. Which is always a bonus. If you don't like subtitles ignore them and enjoy the scenery.

These Boots Were Made for Walking

I made a rookie parenting mistake yesterday. Not of the damage your child psychologically for life variety thank goodness. This one was just inconvenient and resulted in an open invitation for much whining from our youngest daughter, who we sometimes refer to as number 2 in my house. (Because we have two daughters and she was born second, not becuase we liken her to anything that happens in the bathroom.) Now number two had school pictures today and I like my kids to look cute at picture time. I have had the outfit in mind for quite some time, leopard print skirt, and a well coordinated shirt with a butterfly whose wings happen to be leopard print as well and really cute leopard spot tights too. All you girls out there reading this know what is missing...the perfect shoes or boots in this case. I stopped by the mall yesterday to get the perfect boots for my darling child. My rookie parenting mistake was two fold. 1. I did not take the chid with me to try on the shoes. 2. I tried to pretend that the size I knew was too small would probably fit becuase they looked big enough. They were also the last pair in the store. They were really adorable too. REALLY. So I blatantly ignored all reasonable thoughts in my head and bought those boots. Last night before bed I have #2 try on the boots. #2 immediately screams, "OWIE OWIE OWIE OWIE!" loud enough to be heard in the next state. To which I sympathetically reply, "Are you sure these really hurt?" The screaming and wailing just wasn't quite convincing enough apparently. My rookie mistake led to a very rushed trip to Walmart before school this morning coupled with prayers to the Shoe Gods that there would be something acceptable in her size. The Shoe Gods heard my pleas and came through. Of course there was more than one acceptable style so we wound up with two new pairs of shoes. Both extremely stylish of course. Regardless of what my beloved husband thinks a girl just can't have too many pairs of shoes. (I got her to school on time too. So there.)
P.S. I overslept this morning and had to iron clothes, arrange a cute hair style on a reluctant 4 year old, in addition to the Walmart expedition. Just want you all to fully appreciate this amazing feat.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Here I am. Maybe it is this pounding headache affecting my judgement. Maybe I just want to have a blog too like the other kids. Whatever the reason as I sit here not really paying attention to a crappy episode of ER it seems I have created myself a blog. Now I must warn anyone reading this...if you are looking for deep thinking, serious political debate, or other similar topics please move the cursor to the little x on the upper right hand of your screen, then click the left button on your mouse. Ya won't be finding any thing like that here. Now what you will find most likely is commentary on what is going on in my life and the lives of those who live with and/or are close to me. (I promise to change names to protect the innocent or not so innocent as the case may be. Sure hope I spelled that correctly.) You may also find some complaining, and assorted BS that crosses my mind from time to time. At any rate I hope you find this an enjoyable read most of the time. If you don't....then I will cordially invite you to go away.