Thursday, October 20, 2005

We are officially old

My Beloved Husband and I have been suspicious for a while now that we are what you could classify as old.

It really kind of snuck up on us.

The first hint came a little over a year ago when the house next door became a rental and was leased to 4 young men from a small Kansas town. These 4 young men happened to be college freshman. This was NOT exciting news to me, as I feared loud drunken parties that went on for all hours.

My fears came true and then some. I did not count on neglected puppies left to cry all night outside our bedroom window, or the purchase of a trampoline that sat right under the same window, and apparently only worked at night with very loud and intoxicated young women.

Oh yeah and then there was the week they had tents set out in the front yard for no apparent reason. Our assumption was that they had run out of room in the house and were charging people to live on their front lawn. It also seemed that their sound system had only one volume, that being loud enough to shake the walls of our house, and it was only able to play bad rap music.

Over spring break they had four parties. On the fifth one, after we had gone over and complained to them with no luck (Surprising I know!) We finally called the police. I will admit that I watched out the window like your stereotypical nosy neighbor and literally cackled with glee when the police arrived and the people began scurrying out the back door like rats. (First REAL proof that we are old)

One glorious day in August a big trailer pulled up in front of the house and they began to load furniture in it. I am not ashamed to admit that I did a very happy dance. I managed to keep from putting my foot through the big speakers they had sitting in the yard while they moved furniture. I also fantasized about hurling them into the street and screaming, "I don't like these and this is what I am doing about it!" That was a tough one to keep in the realm of fantasy land.

So they moved. Peace at last.

Or so I thought.

A week later three young men began moving furniture in to the house. I tried to hope for the best. Soon however my worst fears were confirmed. More college boys.

I had hope. I met the girlfriend who asked if she could use our outside faucet to get water to clean since they did not have the water turned on yet. She said that the boys were pre-law, pre-med, and pre-vet. Also upperclassman. Frat boys, but not the rowdy kind. At least one had a serious girlfriend too. I tried to stay positive.

A few months went by and we barely hear a peep out of them.

Then last night the honeymoon ended.

We could hear the music and people when we went to bed at 11. (They do have better taste in music, Chili Peppers this time.) I did manage to fall asleep but awoke again at 1:30 when my beloved got up grumbling that he was done and began to put on clothes to go over and complain.

Definitely old.

What sucks even more is that next time..... It is my turn to go over when a complaint needs to be made.

Damn college kids.


Ted Carter said...

Yeah; you don't have to tell me about rowdy neighbors. These folks we've got living next door to us... um, nevermind. ;-)

Missy said...

Apparently WU is out today and tomorrow, thus the reason for the mid-week revelry. I learned too that apparently they were doing some kind of chant which woke my beloved husband. I wonder how much it costs to have your house moved?

Ali said...

I wake up every morning to the elderly person (man? woman? who knows.) hacking an evening's worth of phlem into the toilet.



Missy said...

Is that part of the deal when you get old? Because my grandma seems to have to do that in the morning too. She came out with my mom to visit Jeff and I when we lived in California and we all laughed so hard when she did it that we made her start to laugh and then she would choke...good times...good times...