Monday, October 10, 2005

Ya Gotta Have One or the Other, or One More Reason to Avoid Scientology

I watched a CNN news clip online this about Katie and Tom this morning. I was particularly intrigued by the title of the clip because it included the words "silent birth." Apparently the Scientologists believe that the birth process should not only happen without drugs, but the mother should also be silent during the process. (This is obviously a condensed version of the philosophy.)

Now having given birth twice myself, I feel well qualified to weigh in with an opinion on this one.

Someone is F@#$&%g nuts. Or a man. In this case I think both apply.

I opted to go au naturel when having my first born. No drugs. Nada. They were offered more than once, and my beloved husband asked me more than once if I wanted them. I refused, for reasons I won't go in to at this point.

My option for pain management was to scream. Loudly. It really did make me feel better, and involved no needles in my spine. I would never be so arrogant as to say this is how everyone should go about the birth process. I firmly believe that a woman has to do what she thinks best and if that means drugs at the first twinge... Great!


Do what you got to do to get through.

Scream your head off or take the drugs. Ya gotta have one or the other.

That is all I have to say about that.


Ali said...

OH YEAH! Kelly Preston was all about the silent birth in some interview. "It's so traumatic to the baby if the first thing it hears is the mother screaming in pain!" Well, honey, it'll get over it. WE all did! I just think its interesting that Katie has said numerous times that she wanted to wait until marriage. Now let's see - they got engaged in July... they announced that she was pregnant in October. They wouldn't have announced it before she was three months along so seems to me that somebody got pregnant on, like, the first date.

This actually makes me respect her more.

Ted Carter said...

Never mind the fact that most developmental psychologists and neuroscientists agree that humans don't remember anything before age of three. I've used that little bit of scientific research to make me feel better about a LOT of stuff that happened during my children's early years...

Oh, and sometimes it's okay to choose the drugs AND screaming. Trust me.

dan g said...

Yeah... I know when I gave birth to my baby, I was all about the drugs. I mean, I hallucinated the whole thing, but I would've never been able to get through it without the LSD. And the Grateful Dead playing in the background.

Missy said...

I was more Enya playing in the background, but to each his/her own.