Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hottie of the week...I KNOW

He may be overexposed, and people get tired of hearing about him...blah, blah, blah.

It still does not change the fact that he is so very enjoyable to look at.

So without further ado I present the hottie of the week .......

Brad Pitt.

He had to come up sooner or later. I voted for sooner.

Being the only vote is rather nice sometimes.

However, being an open-minded blogger I am always willing to consider outside suggestions for future hotties to be featured here at Babble On.

Serious buyers only please.


Ali said...

I can't help but say that he and Angie are the hottest couple around. I know, I know, busted by Jen having phone sex with Angie, bad, bad, but c'mon - look at the woman.

Ted Carter said...

Yeah; not many people can compare to Angelina. Not even Jen; in my book at least.

dan g said...

First name's spelled D-A-N. Thanks.

Missy said...

I will need your sexiest full frontal shot please D-A-N. If indeed that is your real name.