Friday, October 28, 2005

Oooohhhhh...I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

Man am I full.

I had a rather long day with no breaks, and so my beloved kindly offered to take us all out for dinner and I got to pick where we went because I had worked the longest and was the most tired member of our family.

I chose Little Tokyo, a new Japanese Hibachi/Sushi place on Huntoon. The food was great. Quality-wise it was just as good as Kiku (one of the other Japanese options in town for anyone reading and not familiar with Topeka. Although I really don't think there is anyone like that reading this blog. If someone out there fits the description of not being familiar with Topeka speak up! No need for being shy around here!) The service was EXCELLENT. Far superior to Kiku. The prices on the kiddie menu were terrific. And....AND....we came home with enough left over for both my beloved and myself to have a delicious lunch tomorrow. Bringing home leftovers is always the mark of a good meal in my book.

I am hoping we are able to move by then.

Now I must go unbutton my pants.


Ali said...

Do the kiddies eat sushi? The 9 year old LOOOOOVES sushi, as do all his little cronies. He and Ivan walked several blocks discussing which Whole Foods had the freshest sushi.

I don't remember having conversations like that as a kid. Hell, I don't think I had sushi until I was in my 20's.

Valerie said...

I remember agreeing with what Judd Nelson's character said about Molly Ringwald's character when she pulled out the little lacquered box o' sushi in The Breakfast Club.

But now? Now I know the power of the nori roll.

I can't imagine having known at 9 though.

Missy said...

Nope.. no sushi for my littles. I am afraid that their taste for seafood runs more along the lines of fishsticks and popcorn shrimp. Boy there is nothing like fishsticks and macaroni and cheese night. I dread it for weeks!

Ted Carter said...

Raw fish? Hell no. Cooked fish? Hell yeah.