Saturday, October 08, 2005

Day 3

So is it a bad thing that 3 days in to my blogging career I am already struggling for something to post?

Slow day I guess. Somehow I did not think that the chronicles of the Boyer family shopping for a new vacuum cleaner made interesting reading.

Damn those vacuums are expensive. If I am going to pay $600 for a vacuum (I never will by the way) it had better do more than suck the dirt off my floor. It needs to provide a floor show or other amazing services at that price.

Maybe we will win the $208 million Powerball Jackpot tonight and I can just hire a cleaning service.

That would be nice. I promise to share our winnings with those close to me and my family.

Stay tuned.

Since this was a slow day I have included a picture to make things more interesting. Zach Braff...easy on the eyes and HI-larious too. Always a good combination in my opinion.


Ali said...

Have I mentioned how close you and I are? Very, very close.

Braff's cute and all, but I lost a little respect when he started dating boobagy blond Playboy model. (Pre-Mandy) I know he's only human, but for some reason I expected more from my Braffy.

Ted Carter said...

Does your husband know you are so boy crazy? He really may need to be warned to watch your blog a little closer...

Missy said...

Yeah he is on to me. It's all good though because he knows that he is my number one hunka burnin' love.