Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fresh Air

I have been trying to think of fresh new and exciting posting ideas for this blog. I have been inspired by a blog that I secretly read. (Definition of secretly read: I read the blog on a regular basis but never comment because I don't know the person. I have only recently started very tentatively to post comments on blogs of people I don't actually know. Just one of my many nerouses.)

So I think today I will post a fairly easy and somewhat common question then of course answer the question myself. Then if you are so inclined post your very own answer in comments.

So here is the fairly easy and somewhat common question.......(ooh aren't you excited?)

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Mine happened on the way to my parent's wedding when I was about 2 1/2. On the way to the church my Aunt slammed my fingers in the car door. I don't remember the actual slamming, but I remember the pain, and my refusal to let anyone look at my fingers because in my two and half year old mind squeezing them with my good hand made them feel much better. My aunt still has some residual guilt over it too.

Now share yours while I go watch the season premiere of Scrubs that I have been looking forward to for sooooo loooonnnggg. Ah has been too TOO long since you have made me belly laugh out loud.

Stuff I Don't Believe

I don't believe:

That we are going to get tons of snow today.

Greg has left the Wiggles.

More than a couple of my clients will show up for appoinments today.

That I have to leave for work in 15 minutes and my husband gets to stay home all day.

I shoulda been a teacha.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

She can not speak so she writes

Day 3 with little to no voice.

I do not feel bad atall.

I do not even have a sore throat.

I DEFINITELY do not have a voice.

Over the weekend it has been annoying,but not terribly problematic. Tomorrow however I must return to work. There it could be a problem.

Y'see I am a therapist and I kinda need my voice to do my work.

Here's hoping for the best!

Enuff 'bout 'dat.

We DID NOT have 46 people here for Thanksgiving thankyoujesusmaryandjospeh.

We DID have more than thirty. A good time was had by all and thank the abovementioned bible dwellers for good weather so the kids could run and play outside til it got too dark.

Now we must prepare for our next event....#1's birthday party. 'Twill be a tame event just family and a few friends of the family. It is 6 days until her birthday. We get the count down first thing every morning. She has also prepared a list of things she would like to do that day. Apples don't fall too far from the tree as they say.

In other news:

Movie you shouldn't see: Deck the Halls. Truthfully I did not want to see it, but it was one of those family in town pressure things. I am still upset that I spent 8.25 for that waste of film. I am a bit grumpy because I can not remember the last time I went to the movies to see a film that I was interested in seeing. It may have very well been Capote. So I have stated clearly to Beloved that the next time I set foot in a movie theater it will be to see something I am interested in. So there.

Speaking of Beloved. Go to his blog. He has posted after a VEEERRRRYYY long absence. In my opinion it was worth the wait. I laughed. Or rather I shook and odd squeaking noises erupted from my throat.

Alrighty then. I am gonna go. Perhaps adequate sleep will help heal my vocal issues.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

William wants a doll!

I VOWED that I was going to go to bed on time tonight if not early.

So here it is 11:41 and I ain't even taken out the contacts yet.

I have developed a very bad habit of going to bed really late recently, and sooner or later it is really going to knock me on my ass I am sure.

Until then...

Had our little mini-vacation this weekend. It got off to a bit of a rocky beginning but we had a good time despite the less than stellar start.

Long story made short:

#2's Dr. appointment took far longer than we expected and we were not fully released from restricitons. We hit the road as soon as the appointment ended and decided to stop for gas outside Lawrence. Filled her up..turned the key. No go. Tried in vain a few more times and spotted a tow truck behind us. Tow truck guy offered to give a jump, it was successful but we decided we had better go back home and switch cars. No other major mishaps after that thankfully, we got there later than planned but all was well.

We watched Free to be You and Me tonight with the kiddies. I used to love it when we got to watch it every year in grade school. It stands the test of time..the girls loved it. I think the soundtrack will be my next itunes purchase. I did have some funny grownup thoughts about some parts. Especially the scene near the end where Marlo Thomas and all of her "friends" were sitting around a fire with guitars singing a song. I imagined what really went on with Marlo and her friends.

It had nothing to do with guitars and singing.

So I can not get enthusiastic about the upcoming Thanksgiving Holliday. Let me clarify I am enthusiastic about the 5 days off, I am NOT enthusiastic about the actual day, dinner, and upcoming preparations. The festivities are at my house again this year and at last count if everyone shows up who has said that they intend to come we should have about 46 people at the house.

That number could have something to do with my lack of enthusiasm.

I am worried that there won't be enough chairs.

My beloved suggested that we pretend we are at Sonic and just deliver food to people and let them eat in their cars.

My mother did not find that idea amusing.

I thought it was funny as hell.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Thought I prolly oughta check in


It's me!

Been awhile hasn't it?

So what's new?

With me?

Not much..things have been busy. Beloved's high school musical performed last weekend so I have been busy being a single mother for the past two weeks. The show was a fantastic success and we couldn't be more proud of him and his students. We are glad to have him back at home more. The girls have been busy catching up on rowdy playing with Dadoo, although #2 can't have the full effect yet as she is not totally released for full contact activity yet. I have to say if you are going to break your arm do it at age 5 because healing is quick. She has been out of the splint for almost three weeks now, and pretty much gave up the sling altogether last week. Our (hopefully) final orthopedic appointment is scheduled for Friday. As soon as we get the good word from the Doc we are off to Great Wolf Lodge for the weekend. We are so darn excited about it you would think we were headed to Europe or something. It has been a long while since this family has had anything that resembles a vacation, and we need to celebrate the healing of #2's first major injury. My tiny ones are so excited about the room we are staying in. They are thrilled about the fact that their sleeping area has it's own TV. I am sure this will prompt much begging for their own TVs, but we WILL stand firm on our no TV in the bedroom policy. We ain't got one and they ain't gonna get one. #1 and #2 have already determined that grownups can only come in to their den if they know the secret password which of course has already been decided upon. We have also deterimined that bedtimes will be extended for this weekend to 10:00, a concession we may very well regret by Sunday if I know my children at all. I am sure we will have a lovely time and if all goes really well Mama will come home with some new fancy shoes because someone has said he will take the children to a humongous arcade while I browse the shoe store. What a man I have.

In other random thoughts....Tom and Katie getting hitched...don't really care. We still have two years before the presidential election and I am already tired of hearing about it as I need to recover from mid-terms....there is an intriguing headline on the left side of my screen that I am feeling compelled to check out..something about a wax wedding of Brad and Angelina...and NOW I am creating in my head my own special version of a Billy Idol tune....when is it a nice day for a wax wedding I want to know!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

For once it is fun to be a Democrat in Kansas

Well I think I have O-ficially burned myself out on election results.

Good news here:

We are saying buh-BYE to Phill Kline.


Looks like the same will be said for Mr. Ryan as well.

Hee! HEE!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Kirstie Alley Dons Bikini....

Yeah, once again this post title comes to you from the first thing I saw on my sidebar.

I won't lie and say that I didn't check out the article.

I did.

Really was not worth the time it took.


Tomorrow is election day!

Please get out and take care of your civic duty.

There is actually a tiny bit of hope here in Kansas that we will see some conservative losses. I am by no means holding my breath...but this is the most hope we lone liberals out here have had well...I think just about since I was old enough to vote.

So I likely will turn on the ol' boob toob tomorrow evening to watch the results.

I will be watching the results in the comfort of my freshly cleaned house courtosey of some people I lovingly refer to as the cleaning fairies.

Yes dear readers I have bitten the bullet (it was sweet and rich my friends like a bar of Ghiradelli Dark Chocoloate) and hired a cleaning service to come and spread their magic over our abode once a month.

Y'see having a house that is not clean causes me UNDUE stress. I blame my mother who never allowed our house to be dirty when I was growing. Now my standards are no where near hers (as I am sure she would be glad to tell you) but I gots to have it clean 'round here or mama gets cranky. Since I often forgo cleaning so as to actually try and spend quality time with the kiddos or just to get other things done. Hence Mama was getting cranky a lot.

My house is not small, and it takes Beloved, the kids, and I a couple o'days to get it cleaned IF we have kept things straightened up. If we have to straighten it'll take a week.

Speaking of...we have lived in this house about 4 years and man have we acquired some CRAP. Massive loads of it that must go soon. I dunno how we did it. We moved here from a MUCH MUCH tinier house, our belongings no where near filled out this place. That ain't so now. We need a garage sale and big ass trip to the dump soon.

So now the fairies come and do the tough work once a month and we do maintenance in between. Mama is less cranky now. Although it has not afforded me the massive amounts of extra time that were so sweetly present in my fantasies about the cleaning fairies. Oh well....I ain't complaining mind you...merely........noticing.

Now I must end my blogging. I have two more rooms to make cleaning fairy ready (it is hard for the fairies to work their magic when all surfaces and floors are covered with stuff), 20 minutes of exercise time to get to yet tonight and YIKES! It's already 9:30. Crap.

Don't forget to vote!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A very interesting combination

Perhaps you have already seen or heard this, but JUST in case you haven't..

Check this out!

File Under Things We Already Knew

This bit of information hasn't been known for years?

Really Doogie.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Korea and the Daisies

Well my readership continues to expand to.....the Republic of Korea.

Via a link from someone in Indiana apparently.

Not sure how that came about.

In other news...

We held our first Daisy Scout meeting tonight and there was a whopping three girls there. Which was fine really, seeing as how much of this seems to have had to come together very quickly and with little notice.

I don't think it will go down as the greatest meeting in the history of Girl Scouts, but #2 reported that she had a good time.

By the way...according to #1......... I think of everything.

Pretty high praise for an overbooked and stressed out working mama.