Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Other News BH has turned in to a Cheap Old Man

Fellow sisters.. back me up here.

Old Spice is an aftershave worn only by cheap old men right?

For some reason BH has decided that Old Spice was a good choice for aftershave.

I did not know that he was in the market for aftershave. Had I known I would have gladly helped him out.

I may anyway. I am giving serious consideration to "losing" that bottle of ridculous.

Christmas is all kinds of funky this year.

We usually go to my parents house Christmas evening to imbibe in our traditional Christmas Lasagne that I look forward to all year long. My mom makes it using about 10 lbs of cheese and boy hidee is it delicious. Only time all year I get lasagne. You can't make a small one and BH and I are the only ones in the house who will eat it. Too much effort for two people.

Unfortunately my dad who drives a tour bus for a touring Broadway show had to leave a week earlier than planned. He will be gone until April. His early departure necessitated an early Christmas celebration.

So we now have no plans for Christmas evening.

We always gather at either my brother's house or my house on Christmas Eve to eat yummy snacky/appetizer type foods and open a few gifts.

WELL. Mother Nature seems to think tomorrow would be a good time to dump about 6-10 inches of snow on our fair city. The worst of which is to hit around the time of our planned gahering. My brother is the host this year and decided it was best to move Christmas Eve festivities to the day after Christmas.

So now we have no plans for Christmas Eve.


I bring this up because I am puzzling over my reaction. Typically I would be pretty bummed that all of our traditions are being turned upside down. However I don't feel bummed much at all. In fact I feel dare I admit....a bit.....ummm........relieved?

I think my sense of relief is a pretty clear indicator of my present level of fatigue.

August-December is always a very busy time for us. This year it has been even more so than usual. Starting a business is no joke.

I am very happy with my decision, but it continues to occupy a large portion of my time, and the kids, family, and rest of my life has not eased up to accomodate the extra work load.

To top it off I added doing a show to all of this.

So I am pretty much on the go all the time with little to no down time at all.

So when I realized that tomorrow was a day with no scheduled obligations at all I did myself a little happy dance. When I realized that the following day was going to have very few obligations my dance got even happier.

I may get to rest and do enjoyable things with my sweet honeys.

This was all helped by the fact that my sweet BH, who may be temporarily engaging in some cheap old man behavior, but was a total stud around the house. He and the girls cleaned the whole house today, and got most of the laundry done.

There will be rewards for that let me tell you.

So we will have a bit of an atypical Christmas here at Chez Babble.

But we are A-OK with it all.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I really should be memorizing lines right now

Hellooooo friends.

One of these days I just need to stand up and admit that I am just past the point of being a regular blogger.

Someday. But not today.

Once again my good intentions are going to be put on hold.


Because BH and I are doin' a show!


In recent days I have often thought the reason was because we are completely looney people who obviously don't know what to do with "free time." Or we don't know the meaning of "Hey why don't we slow down and take a break from the completely ridiculous pace our lives have kept up since ohhhhhh......AUGUST."

Or maybe we are just big hams who couldn't resist the opportunity once it was presented.

At any rate BH and I are in the process of rehearsing a show called, "Nobody's Perfect" at Topeka Civic Theatre. Opens January 15. Come see us if you are in the area. It is a really fun show. My BH is a complete hoot. He will be in drag for at least part of the show and I promise, no I SWEAR ON MY STACK OF DANIELLE STEEL novels that he will HI-larious. Totally worth the price of admission.

It is really fun working opposite my BH again. He is an amazing actor and it is indeed a shame that he does not have more time to perform. He is too busy teaching other young people the craft.

So while I am busy being a diva, may I suggest that you check out my good friend Michelle's new(ish) blog.

Her blog is titled Rational Living. Michelle is a big history buff and she and her family are about to take on a massive historical type project, that has involved a very impressive amount of research and preparation. In a very small nutshell, Michelle and her family starting the day after Christmas will spend a year living under the modern equivalent of World War II rationing, in an attempt to learn that they can indeed live happy, healthy fulfilled lives with less so that others may have more.

She has several interesting posts already detailing the preparations so far. Check it out! I think this is a very interesting undertaking and am so amazed with the work they have put in to it. I really look forward to learning more about their journey through this experience and will happily support their efforts.

(And I will likely occasionally bestow upon them a few sugar/chocolate and perhaps cheese based "charitable donations.")

For now though I must join my husband in watching awful videos from the 80's as I continue in my quest to avoid memorizing lines.