Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back to slackalackin

One big post in December so far.
So much for increasing the frequency of my posts.
Dang life.
Dang holiday season.

Oh well... there's always next year.


Thursday, December 09, 2010

Making Christmas Simple

We decided to do the majority of our Christmas shopping online here at Chez Babble this year.

Things have just started to slow down for us after several months of crazy, and we did not have it in us to spend our expanded and highly coveted unscheduled time fighting crowds at stores.

That means that I have a ton of boxes showing up on my front porch. They are all piled under the tree now.

#2 commented that it really looked like christmas with all those boxes stacked under the tree, even if they aren't wrapped.

Well if the 9 year old thinks it is festive, who am I to contradict? Screw present wrapping I say! Save some trees!

SO, I thought maybe I could just leave the boxes as they are, we can divvy them up Christmas morning, everyone opens a few boxes and then figure out which gift goes to which person.

Fun! Right?

Not at all lazy and slackerish!