Tuesday, August 29, 2006

She has a slight Spanish accent


I guess it is time for a what's up posting.

So here is what's up with me and mine.

#2 typically has some kind of transition issue when we transition from the summer routine to the school year routine. The transition reaction takes different forms, but it has usually been an increase in behaviors that require time out. Not so this time. This time we are fussy and annoying at bedtime. I think I prefer behaviors that require more time outs. Because after 8:30 it is MY TIME, and I get cranky when MY TIME is messed with. Thankfully the transition issue is beginning to wane, as it does every year.

#1 is kicking academic butt at school. Which she does typically. A smartie that one. Her teacher is on it this year and has already called me to discuss what to do about the issue. We are awaiting results of testing..that on the front end seem to indicate that we are again just a few points shy of the cutoff for the smartie kid extra stuff at school. Stinks, but her teachers are committed to working her on whatever it is she needs to get those last few points. We'll see. This is our second go-round with this stuff, so we need to decide when to cry, "Uncle!"

Beloved is adjusting to the new school. Lots more kids, totally different classes, and teaching younger students than he has in the past 6 years. Great response to upcoming auditions. He is working hard. This will be an extra busy year..like being a first year teacher all over again. I have no doubt that he will get things whipped in to shape like he always does. He has worked hard on the diet/exercise thing this summer and it is really beginning to show. If only his wife were equally committed...

Me...I am about to begin rehearsals for Hound of the Baskervilles. I love doing shows...but I hate rehearsing..mainly the giving up of my evenings. Karen Hastings Players is putting this one on..it is a radio show meaning when you see us perform it is like you are watching an old radio show being put on.. people doing sound effects as you watch and the like. These are pretty easy for actors in many ways, no memorization as you perform script in hand, no blocking other than walk up to the microphone. The challenge of course is that everything must be conveyed to the audience using only your voice. This particular show has VERY slim offerings for the females, so I don't have a lot of stage time. That is ok with me, I have never been one for the big roles anyway. I prefer small, interesting and memorable. The quirkier the better. No quirkiness in this one, but I get to do accents which I LOVE. (Big surprise to those who know me!) The other cool thing is that we are going to be broadcast live on KTWU on October 11. That should be fun and a different experience for me. I don't know what time we will air, but once I do I will let everyone know so you can watch if you are so inclined. We will also perform October 13, 14, and 15 at Helen Hocker Theatre where you can see us upclose and personallike.

That is all for me.

I should go to bed now.

I would rather be watching the second season of House, and I would be if someone had not changed the Netflix queue.

Some people think they need DVDs for classes they teach or some such nonsense. I say you take your life in to your own hands when you mess with my House.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thank goodness I haven't lost my Mojo

My baking Mojo that is.

My past couple of attempts have been...how shall I say this?

Less than stellar?

Complete crap?


All of the above?

I dunno what the deal was, but tonight ...I'M BACK BABY!

Made some blueberry lemon muffins that were quite tasty if I say so myownself.

I am quite relieved, as it would be really sad for me if I lost my ability to bake.

The only unfortunate thing is that we have to go to church tomorrow and the muffins have to go with us. (Sunday school graduation or somesuch and apparently #1 is being presented with a Bible or something like that. Otherwise I would be sleepin' in tomorrow, and likely not enjoying any muffins at all.)

Huh......maybe it was DIVINE intervention.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My powerhouse did not get the attention it required

During my morning Pilates I had to pause for a moment to answer the phone.

Who do you think it was?

Well I'll tell you...it was a "friendly" solicitation from the Dove Foundation.

It seems that they want Hollywood to start making more "family" movies. (In my opinion what they mean by family is Conservative Christian.)

I think the lady was a little taken aback when I stated that I did not agree with her thoughts and was likely even more so when I hung up on her.

This shit gets on my nerves. You all most likely by now know that we are not big on the TV here at Chez Us and we keep a very tight rein on what the younguns watch. We do that because that is what we believe is best for our children. It has as much to do with what there is out there for them to see that we feel is inappropriate for a 5 and 8 year old, as it does with the fact that in general we think there are far better and more enriching ways besides zoning out in front of the TV to spend our limited time together. I won't even delve in to the research about it.. most of you seem to be well informed people I trust you know the gist, if you don't..think about finding out.

There is a lot of stuff out there that I am offended by and I consider myself to be a fairly liberal gal. If I am offended by it, I don't watch or read it. People have the right to film, and write what they want. I believe our constitution says it is so. I will certainly spout my opinion about it to others if asked or frankly if I feel they will be receptive to what I have to say..and occasionally even if I feel like they won't.

I do strongly believe that parents need to be aware of and monitor what their children watch. My parents didn't. Yes I believe I turned out ok, but I am certainly different with my own children.

So here is what I think...let's drum up some support for education and awareness building for parents about the effects of TV, movies and the media on their children. Give them the true information and let them make informed choices about what they feel their children should be exposed to. Teach them how to process with their kids what they see on TV, stir up some conversation between parents and their kids about what they believe. Where is that happening I ask you? Where are the annoying phone solicitors about that movement? Where is the organization?

OK. I have to get off of my soapbox now. I turn this debate over to you my faithful reader(s?)

That stupid phone call ruined my concentration on my powerhouse.

AND how in the hell did they get my number anyway? I am unlisted and on the state and national do not call list. I know I have not contributed to the likes of that organization.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Allllll byyyy myyyyseeeellllffff

So today was my first official "all by myself" lunch hour. (I worked through lunch yesterday so that I could come in late and leave early for the official first day of school drop off and pick up.)

I know that you are all waiting with bated breath to hear about what I did during this momentous occasion.

WELL! Let me tell you.

I came home.

Made myself something to eat. (Pasta Roni and some ice cream. It's grocery store time, so pickins is slim 'round here.)

Took laundry out of the dryer.

Put more laundry in the dryer.

Sent beloved husband an e-mail.

Felt a little lonely and wondered what the kiddies were doing at school.

Checked a blog or two.

Read some of a magazine.

Let the dog in.


Is anyone still awake after reading this?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The first day of school was a great success for all. #1 was very glad to be able to hang out with her best buddies again. #2 came out of the school smiling and full of excitement about her first day and even thinks that she has made a new friend or two. I also believe that she ate more of her lunch on the first day than her big sister has eaten at lunchtime during her entire school career thus far. Not having a morning snack for the first time in ohhh..her life makes for a hungry girl at lunch!

I BARELY made it out the door before the tears started. It was pretty crowded and I got stuck trying to maneuver around poky meandering parents who apparently were not the emotional mess I was about to become or, if they were they did not seem to be as concerned about a public display as I was. I did make it out the door before I succumbed to tears and I did not even have to elbow anyone to do it. I had just enough time before I had to be at work to get over it. (And thankfully my 9:00 did not show up!)

So the school year begins.

May it be productive, filled with learning and free of drama!

Monday, August 14, 2006

A tradition comes to an end.

Tomorrow marks the end of an era in our little family.

The end of daily lunch dates with my children.

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but what I really wanted (much to my veryown surprise) once I gave birth to my first child was to be a stay at home mom.

Alas due to many reasons and all of them being financial, it was not to be.

My one way to compensate for this loss has been to spend my lunch hours with my children. As we are beyond fortunate with our daycare situation that has been possible.

That my friends is how I have spent the overwhelming majority of my work day lunch hours for the past 8 and a half years...hangin' out with at least one and for a few years both of my best girls.

Tomorrow will be the end of that tradition as #2 will march off to Kindergarten Wednesday in all her pink new first day of school clothes, leopard print backpackin', ponytail bouncin', Supergirl lunchbox totin' glory.

I have to say that in truth I am feeling much more emotional about this lunchtime thing than I am about the actual first day of KG itself. (Now come 8:15 or so Wednesday morning it may be an altogether different story as I am making my quick -before -the- tears- come departure from the good ol' KG room.) It may be a long and tearful drive back to work tomorrow. I will be sure and stock plenty of Kleenex in the car, as there will be much call for it over the next two days.

So now I have to figure out what exactly I am going to do with myself now that I have this huge expanse of child-free lunches ahead of me.

Any ideas?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I should be so lucky

Now this article begs the question, "Why NOT me?"

THIS is exactly the kind of crime I would LOVE to be a victim of.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tee Hee!

Here is the partial headline on my little SBC news headline thingy at the side of my computer screen:

"Malaysia fines Pussy...."

That is all that shows up until you hover over the headline and then you find out that in fact Malaysia is fining the Pussycat Dolls organizers.

Still makes me giggle.

Beacause sometimes I am immature that way.

Only three more days 'til I'm off papers

(For those who may not be in the know.. being off paper is slang referring to getting off of probation. A bit of a throwback to the days when I was working with Juvenile Offenders.)

Yup I am in the last few days of my probationary period at my current place of employment. I am proud to say that I have not updated my resume, and have no plans to do so. As you may or may not be aware 6 months in MJT (Missy Job Time) is like 5 years to people who actually stick with their jobs. I am still happy with what I am doing and really am committed to staying put for a while.

Unless of course someone comes to ME and offers me a position with great money, benefits and summers off.

Since that isn't too likely, I will keep my resume un-updated.

The good thing about being a non-probation status employee is that I can now use vacation time. As my employer is rather generous with the vacation time right off the bat AND the fact that I have been able accrue time since day one I am already in posession of enough time to take more than a week off if I so choose.

Unfortunately everyone 'round this hizzouse is goin' BACK to work and will be of course unable to take any time off. Of course that person will also get a hefty chunk of time off at the holidays and a day or so before then.

Too bad too because I am ready for a vacation. The kind where you travel far beyond your home state and stay in hotels and eat out for every meal. And I wanna go someplace I ain't been before. Preferably in a direction that is generally west of Kansas. Or East. Really I don't care.

However.... whenever we take that next trip (God only knows when that will be because travel requires more than just paid vacation time ya know.)Beloved Husband gets to pick our destination, and I will happily go where he wishes.

So in a nutshell dear readers, do not fear that you will soon be seeing the required "I won't be posting for a while because I am goin' fishin'," message that we bloggers so politely post when going away.

But maybe I will do that anyway and then have a bunch of posts telling you about my fake vacation when I "get back." Perhaps that will take the edge off the itch in my wanderin' foot.

Nighty night!

Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm a survivor..

Whew! Made it up and out the door on time on our first day back in the real world.

I was damn tired today though.

That hour after lunch was the WORST.

Has anyone besides me and beloved seen the Northern Exposure episode where Dr. Fleischman runs into pole, knocks himself out and has a dream that he has an evil twin? During that episode, Fleischman and his "twin brother" decide to switch places and Fleischman ends up in jail. While in jail he just happens to run into Sigmund Freud and has a few sessions, at one point when Joel is rattling on he discovers that Freud has fallen asleep. I fear this. I do. So tired not a good thing during a really quiet session. Which happens sometimes with the population I tend to.

I just remembered another funny thing from that same episode. Joel is getting all uppity with Freud and ranting about all the research out there refuting Freud's ideas. At the end of his rant Joel gives Siggy baby a version of the good ol' "what do you think of them apples?" question to him. There is a fair sized pause, then Freud shrugs and says in a rather off-hand manner, "It's just a theory." Much more humorous when you watch it. One of my favorite little scenes from that show. You can watch it on DVD. Season Three, I think the episode is titled "Jules et Joel." Watch the entire series for that matter. Very clever show. There is another funny scene with Jung in a later episode, but I will spare you my retelling here. Go rent the DVDs. It'll be good times I promise.

On to other things, I am a bit rambly tonight.

I am thinking it is time to engage in a grown up night of board games. I spend A LOT of time at work and home playing children's board games and I am ready for some adult games. (NOT THOSE KIND!!!) I am talking of the Trivial Pursuit, Balderdash, Monopoly variety. I promise I will not even bring up my personal favorite...SONGBURST. It seems to turn people off, though I don't know why. It's a very fun and extremely challenging game. You get to sing with your friends.. what more can you ask for? But I promise to keep it buried in the closet.

There might even be cookies. I have been known to make cookies when I play board games.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'd like to order an alternate reality please!

Well for those residing at Chez Us summer and it's carefree days officially end today.

My Beloved must return to work tomorrow, and the school year begins for all in just over a week from now.

No more "lazy" mornings "sleeping in" until 6:30.

No more freedom from the weekly trek to the dreaded life sucking machine that is Wal-mart for groceries.

No more weekends free from housecleaning.

No more loving husband and children to greet me with love, excitement, and tales of what they have done that morning when I come home for lunch.

Summer is always kind of confusing for me emotionally speaking. It is hard to be the one who goes to work everyday while my loved ones are at home, but at the same time having everyone else at home significantly reduces my daily and weekend chores. Since the end of May I have not had to do any significant cleaning of this house, and I have only had to make ONE trip to the grocery store. My participation in the laundry has minimal at best. Dinner is usually on or near to being on the table when I get home most evenings. Conversely I do not get to participate in nap time, no extra fun play time stuff, I still have to get up at 6:30, and everyone else is home but me.

So you can see why this is difficult. I have some major summertime perks that I do appreciate and enjoy...but my jealousy and resentment over having to go to work every day is tough to deal with.

The transition from summer to school year is always a little rough around here. We do what we can to make it easier. Making sure for the past few weeks that the kids have gone to bed on time, making them get up at the same time they do during the school year...things like that. Now everything in the morning is back on a time table, and we have to get things ready to go the night before...blah..blah..blah.

This school year will bring more changes than usual with #2 starting Kindergarten. Going to school all day every day will be tiring for her and will take some getting used to I am sure. For the first time in 8 1/2 years my lunch hour will be my own...no kids to visit at a grandparent's house. Not sure what to do with myself, but I'll think of something.

I am trying to prepare myself for the waterworks that will be #2's first day of school. We are ready. New clothes have been purchased and the school supplies just need to be marked and put in spanking new backpacks.

Look for the photos in about a week and half.

Well, I should tie this up. Got an early start tomorrow morning.

I must prepare.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Checked out the My Space thing?

I'd be interested to hear about it.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I do loves me some crazy

My beloved husband has named his pectoral muscles.

One is Gregory.

The other is Bushel Anna.

That made me laugh so loud and long that I got in trouble with #1 for keeping her up when she is trying to go to sleep.