Tuesday, August 29, 2006

She has a slight Spanish accent


I guess it is time for a what's up posting.

So here is what's up with me and mine.

#2 typically has some kind of transition issue when we transition from the summer routine to the school year routine. The transition reaction takes different forms, but it has usually been an increase in behaviors that require time out. Not so this time. This time we are fussy and annoying at bedtime. I think I prefer behaviors that require more time outs. Because after 8:30 it is MY TIME, and I get cranky when MY TIME is messed with. Thankfully the transition issue is beginning to wane, as it does every year.

#1 is kicking academic butt at school. Which she does typically. A smartie that one. Her teacher is on it this year and has already called me to discuss what to do about the issue. We are awaiting results of testing..that on the front end seem to indicate that we are again just a few points shy of the cutoff for the smartie kid extra stuff at school. Stinks, but her teachers are committed to working her on whatever it is she needs to get those last few points. We'll see. This is our second go-round with this stuff, so we need to decide when to cry, "Uncle!"

Beloved is adjusting to the new school. Lots more kids, totally different classes, and teaching younger students than he has in the past 6 years. Great response to upcoming auditions. He is working hard. This will be an extra busy year..like being a first year teacher all over again. I have no doubt that he will get things whipped in to shape like he always does. He has worked hard on the diet/exercise thing this summer and it is really beginning to show. If only his wife were equally committed...

Me...I am about to begin rehearsals for Hound of the Baskervilles. I love doing shows...but I hate rehearsing..mainly the giving up of my evenings. Karen Hastings Players is putting this one on..it is a radio show meaning when you see us perform it is like you are watching an old radio show being put on.. people doing sound effects as you watch and the like. These are pretty easy for actors in many ways, no memorization as you perform script in hand, no blocking other than walk up to the microphone. The challenge of course is that everything must be conveyed to the audience using only your voice. This particular show has VERY slim offerings for the females, so I don't have a lot of stage time. That is ok with me, I have never been one for the big roles anyway. I prefer small, interesting and memorable. The quirkier the better. No quirkiness in this one, but I get to do accents which I LOVE. (Big surprise to those who know me!) The other cool thing is that we are going to be broadcast live on KTWU on October 11. That should be fun and a different experience for me. I don't know what time we will air, but once I do I will let everyone know so you can watch if you are so inclined. We will also perform October 13, 14, and 15 at Helen Hocker Theatre where you can see us upclose and personallike.

That is all for me.

I should go to bed now.

I would rather be watching the second season of House, and I would be if someone had not changed the Netflix queue.

Some people think they need DVDs for classes they teach or some such nonsense. I say you take your life in to your own hands when you mess with my House.

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