Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'd like to order an alternate reality please!

Well for those residing at Chez Us summer and it's carefree days officially end today.

My Beloved must return to work tomorrow, and the school year begins for all in just over a week from now.

No more "lazy" mornings "sleeping in" until 6:30.

No more freedom from the weekly trek to the dreaded life sucking machine that is Wal-mart for groceries.

No more weekends free from housecleaning.

No more loving husband and children to greet me with love, excitement, and tales of what they have done that morning when I come home for lunch.

Summer is always kind of confusing for me emotionally speaking. It is hard to be the one who goes to work everyday while my loved ones are at home, but at the same time having everyone else at home significantly reduces my daily and weekend chores. Since the end of May I have not had to do any significant cleaning of this house, and I have only had to make ONE trip to the grocery store. My participation in the laundry has minimal at best. Dinner is usually on or near to being on the table when I get home most evenings. Conversely I do not get to participate in nap time, no extra fun play time stuff, I still have to get up at 6:30, and everyone else is home but me.

So you can see why this is difficult. I have some major summertime perks that I do appreciate and enjoy...but my jealousy and resentment over having to go to work every day is tough to deal with.

The transition from summer to school year is always a little rough around here. We do what we can to make it easier. Making sure for the past few weeks that the kids have gone to bed on time, making them get up at the same time they do during the school year...things like that. Now everything in the morning is back on a time table, and we have to get things ready to go the night before...blah..blah..blah.

This school year will bring more changes than usual with #2 starting Kindergarten. Going to school all day every day will be tiring for her and will take some getting used to I am sure. For the first time in 8 1/2 years my lunch hour will be my kids to visit at a grandparent's house. Not sure what to do with myself, but I'll think of something.

I am trying to prepare myself for the waterworks that will be #2's first day of school. We are ready. New clothes have been purchased and the school supplies just need to be marked and put in spanking new backpacks.

Look for the photos in about a week and half.

Well, I should tie this up. Got an early start tomorrow morning.

I must prepare.

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