Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm a survivor..

Whew! Made it up and out the door on time on our first day back in the real world.

I was damn tired today though.

That hour after lunch was the WORST.

Has anyone besides me and beloved seen the Northern Exposure episode where Dr. Fleischman runs into pole, knocks himself out and has a dream that he has an evil twin? During that episode, Fleischman and his "twin brother" decide to switch places and Fleischman ends up in jail. While in jail he just happens to run into Sigmund Freud and has a few sessions, at one point when Joel is rattling on he discovers that Freud has fallen asleep. I fear this. I do. So tired not a good thing during a really quiet session. Which happens sometimes with the population I tend to.

I just remembered another funny thing from that same episode. Joel is getting all uppity with Freud and ranting about all the research out there refuting Freud's ideas. At the end of his rant Joel gives Siggy baby a version of the good ol' "what do you think of them apples?" question to him. There is a fair sized pause, then Freud shrugs and says in a rather off-hand manner, "It's just a theory." Much more humorous when you watch it. One of my favorite little scenes from that show. You can watch it on DVD. Season Three, I think the episode is titled "Jules et Joel." Watch the entire series for that matter. Very clever show. There is another funny scene with Jung in a later episode, but I will spare you my retelling here. Go rent the DVDs. It'll be good times I promise.

On to other things, I am a bit rambly tonight.

I am thinking it is time to engage in a grown up night of board games. I spend A LOT of time at work and home playing children's board games and I am ready for some adult games. (NOT THOSE KIND!!!) I am talking of the Trivial Pursuit, Balderdash, Monopoly variety. I promise I will not even bring up my personal favorite...SONGBURST. It seems to turn people off, though I don't know why. It's a very fun and extremely challenging game. You get to sing with your friends.. what more can you ask for? But I promise to keep it buried in the closet.

There might even be cookies. I have been known to make cookies when I play board games.


Valerie said...

May we play too? That sounds like a great idea...

We just need to get Ed stabilized in his job so we can do these sorts of things.

Missy said...

Absolutely! We probably won't be ready for a few weeks, after everyone is settled into school and can begin thinking about doing fun stuff again! I'll keep you posted.

jLow said...


too bad we live like 600 miles away :o(

dan g said...

Every Monday night, my fellow Sunnysiders (that's in Queens, New York, for those that don't know) gather for Game Night. We started it during the winter months, and it's now a highlight of the work week. We've even got an Assistant District Attorney who makes homemade ice cream almost every week. We take turns hosting, sometimes people cook, sometimes we just have beer, and we play many different games. There are about ten of us, and attendance each week ranges between four and all ten. Attendance has been spottier during the summer, but still... Fun fun fun.