Thursday, August 24, 2006

My powerhouse did not get the attention it required

During my morning Pilates I had to pause for a moment to answer the phone.

Who do you think it was?

Well I'll tell was a "friendly" solicitation from the Dove Foundation.

It seems that they want Hollywood to start making more "family" movies. (In my opinion what they mean by family is Conservative Christian.)

I think the lady was a little taken aback when I stated that I did not agree with her thoughts and was likely even more so when I hung up on her.

This shit gets on my nerves. You all most likely by now know that we are not big on the TV here at Chez Us and we keep a very tight rein on what the younguns watch. We do that because that is what we believe is best for our children. It has as much to do with what there is out there for them to see that we feel is inappropriate for a 5 and 8 year old, as it does with the fact that in general we think there are far better and more enriching ways besides zoning out in front of the TV to spend our limited time together. I won't even delve in to the research about it.. most of you seem to be well informed people I trust you know the gist, if you don't..think about finding out.

There is a lot of stuff out there that I am offended by and I consider myself to be a fairly liberal gal. If I am offended by it, I don't watch or read it. People have the right to film, and write what they want. I believe our constitution says it is so. I will certainly spout my opinion about it to others if asked or frankly if I feel they will be receptive to what I have to say..and occasionally even if I feel like they won't.

I do strongly believe that parents need to be aware of and monitor what their children watch. My parents didn't. Yes I believe I turned out ok, but I am certainly different with my own children.

So here is what I think...let's drum up some support for education and awareness building for parents about the effects of TV, movies and the media on their children. Give them the true information and let them make informed choices about what they feel their children should be exposed to. Teach them how to process with their kids what they see on TV, stir up some conversation between parents and their kids about what they believe. Where is that happening I ask you? Where are the annoying phone solicitors about that movement? Where is the organization?

OK. I have to get off of my soapbox now. I turn this debate over to you my faithful reader(s?)

That stupid phone call ruined my concentration on my powerhouse.

AND how in the hell did they get my number anyway? I am unlisted and on the state and national do not call list. I know I have not contributed to the likes of that organization.



dan g said...

I don't have children, but if I did, I'd like to think I'd keep an eye on what they watch.

For my own entertainment, I like books/art/TV/films that push the moral envelope, make me feel uncomfortable, and occasionally offend. If the Dove Foundation has its way, our nation's creativity will be crucified with little opportunity for resurrection.

jLow said...

I've gotten the same phone solicitation but what I got from it was that they want to encourage Hollywood (decision-makers?) to support more family friendly fare. I for one would like to see more movies and TV shows that the whole family can enjoy together - especially in the summer when it is 100+ degrees outside and we really have no choice but to stay inside.

Actually, I really don't have a dog in this hunt right now anyway. My 2 year old could care less about TV - he's an action guy so we spends plenty of time on the floor (or under the kitchen table - y'know THE FORT).

But I when I pay attention it does seem that the movies/shows out there that are PG-13 or milder are very few and far between.

I completely agree with Missy's statement about not exposing myself (or child) to it if I don't like it. It's as simple as changing the channel or turning it off. I don't agree with those who would try to "censor" another's "artistic expression."

Valerie said...

I got my followup call today too! But they just left a message. I talked to some guy before and tried to get him to define what they meant by family values - i.e did that mean only reflecting white, het families, etc. I wasn't very well spoken about it but the guy definitely poo-pooed the idea that it was negative about different types of people.

I've really come to hate the phrase "family values". It's used as this monolithic, catch-phrase of everything that must be right (and Right) and anyone that uses it assumes it's the only Way anyone could be moral and support folks raising the next generation.

Someone at my neighborhood meeting asked our US Congress rep's rep (got that?) if he supported family values. What the eff does that mean? I accidentally came out as a liberal at that meeting. We'll see what happens this month....

jLow said...

Sorry, Missy, to use your blog for conversation. But you started it!

Valerie, I agree with you that there are several definitions of "family values" out there - it just depends on who you ask. I know you didn't ask me but my liberal conservative definition includes being a good person to my fellow man, being a good partner to my spouse, being a good parent to my son and instilling the same values in him. I work hard at my job and pay my taxes. I don't litter. I respect my elders. I respect authority and obey the laws. I'm kind to animals. You get the idea. I'm a true supporter of letting people express themselves as they see fit so long as it doesn't harm others or violate the rights of others. If such expression offends us - we have the RIGHT to remove ourselves from being exposed to it.

Frankly, I'm tired of the organizations that try to be my daddy.

My apologies again, Missy. Just a very good topic for lively conversation. - jLow

Missy said...

Not a problem at all. It has been awhile since I have had anything up around here that has sparked conversation.

Anonymous said...

About the time your concentration was being ruined, the Missouri Attorney General's office was writing up this press release:

Many of these calls are made by a partially-automated Interactive Voice Response system. What you heard was probably a recorded voice, though some calls seem to be live.

The whole thing is a charade to get around the "Do Not Call" laws. Their survey is statistically worthless due to methodology.