Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Only three more days 'til I'm off papers

(For those who may not be in the know.. being off paper is slang referring to getting off of probation. A bit of a throwback to the days when I was working with Juvenile Offenders.)

Yup I am in the last few days of my probationary period at my current place of employment. I am proud to say that I have not updated my resume, and have no plans to do so. As you may or may not be aware 6 months in MJT (Missy Job Time) is like 5 years to people who actually stick with their jobs. I am still happy with what I am doing and really am committed to staying put for a while.

Unless of course someone comes to ME and offers me a position with great money, benefits and summers off.

Since that isn't too likely, I will keep my resume un-updated.

The good thing about being a non-probation status employee is that I can now use vacation time. As my employer is rather generous with the vacation time right off the bat AND the fact that I have been able accrue time since day one I am already in posession of enough time to take more than a week off if I so choose.

Unfortunately everyone 'round this hizzouse is goin' BACK to work and will be of course unable to take any time off. Of course that person will also get a hefty chunk of time off at the holidays and a day or so before then.

Too bad too because I am ready for a vacation. The kind where you travel far beyond your home state and stay in hotels and eat out for every meal. And I wanna go someplace I ain't been before. Preferably in a direction that is generally west of Kansas. Or East. Really I don't care.

However.... whenever we take that next trip (God only knows when that will be because travel requires more than just paid vacation time ya know.)Beloved Husband gets to pick our destination, and I will happily go where he wishes.

So in a nutshell dear readers, do not fear that you will soon be seeing the required "I won't be posting for a while because I am goin' fishin'," message that we bloggers so politely post when going away.

But maybe I will do that anyway and then have a bunch of posts telling you about my fake vacation when I "get back." Perhaps that will take the edge off the itch in my wanderin' foot.

Nighty night!

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