Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is probably most exciting to me BUT...

apparently local law enforcement did go after the person involved in our recent hit and run. Insurance information was procured and a claim is being filed.

Now do we fix the car, or use the money for a downpayment on a new one?

Much will depend on the actual damage estimate.

It would be nice to have something big enough that we can take the girls and their friends places in ONE vehicle. Or all go in one car when we go places with grandparents....there are many times I have wished for more capacity in our car. Driving two cars to one place makes me batty. I also don't believe that it is any better for the environment than taking one larger vehicle.

It is nice not having a car payment though......

Oh the waffling.

Betcha can't wait for me to work this one out on the Blog!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Journey and other updates

So I haven't posted about my journey to better health in a long time.

Mainly because there hasn't been much to post. I more or less made it to my goal. (One pound away to be exact, but who's counting.)So I was continuing to exercise on a regular basis, and eating appropriate portions, but not really restricting myself about what I was eating. I was maintianing, so I figured all was well.

Then came Christmas and a lot of snow. Still exercising regularly. But junk food consumption increased a lot for a couple weeks.

Then came a show. Still some junk food consumption, but late nights led to later sleeping in the morning which led to an all out lack of exercise. I also find it hard to eat much before I perform, so there were a few nights where I consumed dinner at about 10:30 or 11:00 at night. Not smart eating. Guess what is open on the way home at that time of night?

That has led to a couple pounds of weight gain.

So the show is over, I am over my ear/sinus infection, and it is back to vigilant eating and regular exercise until those few pounds go away. Why is it so easy to break an early wake up time and so hard to get back to it? I have certainly learned however that for me, even though I am not a morning person I am far more likely to exercise regularly if it is the first thing I do in the morning.

So here is hoping that these few pounds go quickly and I have learned a lesson.

In reality I am sure this is not the last time this will happen. BUT as long as I nip it quick all is good.

Business is going well. I REALLY need to say no to new referrals for a while. That is scary to think about. WAY scary. What if I say no and no one calls me again?

So as you can see my tendency towards ridiculous anxiety is still as present as it ever was.

Last post I ended with the news that BH had just been in an accident.

He was OK and we even made it to the show on time.

I however am experiencing some anger. It was a hit and run. Some dude in a truck ran a stoplight and BH t-boned him. BH saw a bit ahead of time what was going to happen so he was able to slow up a little, which caused less damage. A kind witness to the accident, followed the dude, got his tag number and managed to get him to pull over.

According to the kind witness....dude was drunk.

So it has been almost two weeks and we have heard nothing from the police saying that they went after the guy. Which means we have no insurance information from him.

Which means we have to make the claim on our insurance.

Oh and pay the damn deductible.

This displeases me greatly.

I had expected more from our fair city's law enforcement.

But apparently as they often seem to be my expectations run too high.

Stupid drunk drivers.

I am just grateful the outcome wasn't far worse.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

No I am Not Two Years Old

I have had an ugly cold for over a week now. Lots of head congestion. Lots.

My ears have been pluggy for over a week now too.

Today, one ear felt less pluggy, the other more so.


As the day has gone on the ear has begun to hurt. Especially if I bend over or lean my head forward.

"That cain't be right." Sez I.

So I took myself to the local minor medical issue clinic so that they could have a lil' look-see.

Turns out. I have an ear infection.

In all my 37 years I have never had an ear infection. I am pretty sure I could have lived a fulfilled existance without this experience.

So now I am armed with a heating pad, motrin, and a $110.00 antibiotic.

Yes friends you read that correctly. That is for the generic version too.

Don't be allergic to mulitple antibiotics. Especially if your health insurance does not cover prescriptions.

OK. So I just got word while that BH was in a hit and run accident on his way home with pizza for dinner. He is ok thank GOD. Unfortunately though we are supposed to be at the theater in 30 minutes for our last performance. This is not a good day for Chez Babble.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Hottie of the...enter timeframe here.

Once upon a time here at Babble On I had a weekly entry I cleverly called "Hottie of the Week."
It has been a veeerrrryyy long time since I did a HOTW post.

It was too difficult to keep up with on a weekly basis. There are only so many men I find hot enough to warrant a blog post.

It has been a long time and I am in need of something to post about so I am resurrecting the HOTW.

For this week anyway.

Last year I finally got around to checking out Mad Men. I do believe I can say that it is my absolute favorite show at present.

So many layers to the story and characters. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can never predict where it is going.

I could rattle on for a long time. So let's get down to the hottie shall we?

For those who watch I am sure my HOTW will come as no surprise.

My hottie is that big ol' handsome cheating liar Don Draper.

Or as he is known in real life....Jon Hamm.

MMmmmmmmm....supposedly he was shirtless numerous times on SNL last week. Guess I am gonna hafta make myself sit through it for once. I think it will be worth it.