Saturday, February 06, 2010

No I am Not Two Years Old

I have had an ugly cold for over a week now. Lots of head congestion. Lots.

My ears have been pluggy for over a week now too.

Today, one ear felt less pluggy, the other more so.


As the day has gone on the ear has begun to hurt. Especially if I bend over or lean my head forward.

"That cain't be right." Sez I.

So I took myself to the local minor medical issue clinic so that they could have a lil' look-see.

Turns out. I have an ear infection.

In all my 37 years I have never had an ear infection. I am pretty sure I could have lived a fulfilled existance without this experience.

So now I am armed with a heating pad, motrin, and a $110.00 antibiotic.

Yes friends you read that correctly. That is for the generic version too.

Don't be allergic to mulitple antibiotics. Especially if your health insurance does not cover prescriptions.

OK. So I just got word while that BH was in a hit and run accident on his way home with pizza for dinner. He is ok thank GOD. Unfortunately though we are supposed to be at the theater in 30 minutes for our last performance. This is not a good day for Chez Babble.


Michelle said...

So sorry it was such a crappy day for Chez Babble. Hugs for all of you!

Shari said...

What a crummy day! I hope your ear infection feels better.