Thursday, June 26, 2008

So Very Lazy

Because I am a lazy lazy girl I am totally stealing this from my good friend Ali over at Flabbypants. If you have not checked out her blog I urge you to go there this instant! (OK I urge you to go once you have finished reading this blog!) Ali never fails to be funny and I assure that you will be glad you stopped by. I would promise money or something, but I haven't any so you will just have to trust me.

Anyway here is the post I totally stole from Ali:

Because I'm both narcissistic and bored, I've come up with a little get-to-know-you quiz. Feel free to answer these in the comment section provided.

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

A Quaker all natuaral dark chocoloate chunk granola bar, banana, skim milk(from the Iwig Family Dairy of course!) BH and I are completely addicted to these damn granola bars.

2. Favorite reality show?

Rock of Love. Sometimes Jon and Kate plus 8. I am totally addicted to those damn baby birthing shows they have on TLC and Discovery Health.

3. Obama: President or SuperPresident?

I really need him to be SuperPresident so that I can start sleeping better.

4. Is Katherine Heigl ballsy or a bitch for calling out the Grey's Anatomy writers?

Ballsy. More people (especially women) should say what they truly think.

4 1/2. Would you refuse an Emmy nod?

Hmm...I would like to think that I would have the integrity to say no if I thought it was truly not earned, but since I can't say no to a damn offer to audition in a community theater production due the immense flattery I experience I would have to guess that I would totally fold in the face of such recognition.

5. Imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend

Gael Garcia Bernal.

6. College major you wish you'd chosen

The one that someone else paid for.

7. Do you ever consider moving back to your hometown?

I did so 10 years ago.

8. Favorite word (even if you're not sure what it means exactly)

That is a tough one. I sometimes get a lot of pleasure from saying Fuck.

8 1/2: Most overused word


9. Most guilty guilty pleasure

Chick-lit with a side of Ben and Jerry's

10. When you were a kid, did you wish you had a different name?

For awhile when I was in ohhh the first grade I believe, I thought I would have enjoyed being named Lori or Candy. For the most part I have been ok with my name.

There you have it. My totally ripped off post. Feel free to respond.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

From My Garden


Girls with cilantro!
Serious business


Uhh...before the cilantro was added. Somehow I failed to get a picture of the final product.
Next time I hope the tomatoes will be from my garden too.
BH made some delicious angel hair pasta with basil tomato sauce a few days ago with basil from our garden too. The oregano is about ready for use, but we have not settled on the first use for that delicious herb. We have tons of cilantro. Anyone know the best way to go about drying herbs for later use? Cause we have lots. If you live nearby and could use some basil or cilantro...lemme know!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

If this blog were a child I would be turned in to SRS for neglect

Y'know somehow I seem to think or at the very least mistakenly recall that once the school year ends life slows down at Chez Us.

That just doesn't seem to be the case this summer, or maybe I am just delusional, addled, or suffering from some other similar condition when thinking back on past summer vacations.

Perhaps things will slow down after this next week is over. Camps will be done, BH will be finished with his class, and the musical he got drafted to participate in last week will be over.

That will give us just a few weeks before our trip to the Smoky Mountains. Just a few days after we get back from that trip it will be time for BH to return to teaching and a week after that time for the children to return to school.

Yeesh. I can't think about all of that or my head will go funny.

We have accomplished none of the things we set out to do this summer to the house and other areas of our lives.

Well I take that back, we did manage to plant flowers, herbs, and veggies. That is the only thing on our list so far that has gotten any attention.

We have been so busy that the thought of taking such a long trip is beginning to seem daunting to me, and I am having bad thoughts about scrapping it and staying home. We won't and shouldn't do that of course, but it has crossed my mind, which is a sad thing especially when I take in to account the fact that it has been something like 4 years since we had a vacation. We'll go it will be fun, and I will be glad we went in the end.

Well kids, it is getting late and tomorrow is the day for the monthly family dinner. This month it is simple. Oh so gloriously simple. We are ordering pizza and making homemade ice cream. Then we can sit outside and play and play and play, as #1 used to say when she was a wee one.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The "DONE WITH" files

Here is an entry for things I am ALL DONE WITH THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

C'mon dude. It's Sunday. Father's Day! We are supposed to be outside playing, not hunkered down in the basement soothing freaked out children and pets.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


From the two day bonanza that is #2's dance recital.

Maybe some pictures or an interesting post tomorrow.

No promises.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


As we walked home from our weekly trek to the Farmer's Market today, the children were leading us home and pretending that we were on an Indiana Jones type adventure. We all had to hold our water bottles upside down as they were "torches" that led us through the dark and dense forest.

As the humidity was at about 1000% there was a fair amount of condensation on my water bottle so I shook it over the girls and said, "Oh no! Now it is raining! What will we do?"

#2 turns around, gives me a very stern look and says, "Stop playing mommy! This is not a time to play around!"

So sorry, apparently I forgot myself.

Friday, June 06, 2008


That about sums up this week.

It has just been one long string of small annoyances that have built up with each day that has passed.

It started off with my car being the victim of a flash flood in the parking lot at work and has ended with a mysterious illness in one of my in-law's cats.

Now I am sure a couple of you are wondering why the in-law kitty thing would be upsetting.

My father in law got the cats as a "birthday present" to himself a couple of years ago. He chose this birthday present mainly, nay entirely because my children had spotted some kittens up for adoption at Petsmart and could.not.stop.talking.about.them.

Grandpa is the man who cain't say no to his grandchildren and so he wound up adopting both kittens.

My children consider these cats to be their pets, and they help care for the cats as much as possible. We have made many trips to grandma and grandpa's for the sole purpose of visiting/playing with the kitties.

This week one of the kitties stopped eating and is having a lot of difficulty getting around. They took her to the vet and many tests have been run and they are having a very difficult time figuring out what is wrong. They could spend about a grand and make a trip out of town to get a kitty MRI, that may or may not help the diagnosis. At this point they are opting against the MRI. For today the kitty is at the vet for observation and medication. The vet is fairly sure the problem is located in the spinal column, but he is not sure what exactly the problem is.

In short, things do not look good for this cat.

#2 has burst in to tears about 3 times this evening over the issue. She considers this cat to be hers. (Each of them claimed one of the kitties as their own.)

We have not experienced a pet loss of this magnitude. If you read this blog with any regularity you are well aware of the passion my children have for pets. So if this cat dies, you can rest assured there will be mass amounts of grief.

So please readers who make themselves known and readers who lurk silently...please send positive healing kitty thoughts our way.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Perhaps an ark is in order

So we got a big ole nasty storm here Monday. Dumped over 2 inches of rain in less than two hours.

Apparently this much rain in such a short time was too much for the parking lot at my place of employment, seeing as how a portion of it filled up with about three feet of water. Or so they tell me. I was busy working and didn't find out what had happened until it was all over.

Too bad for me, because my car was parked in the portion where the water gathered to party.

By the time I got to my car there was about a 1/4 inch of water on the floorboards. It didn't get any higher than that luckily. It was still enough for the insurance company to write an estimate for $750 dollars to get it cleaned and repaired. I was really surprised by the amount. I figured a couple hundred bucks for a good and thorough cleaning. Apparently a good and thorough cleaning post flooding in your car is a lot of damn work. Seats taken out, carpet removed, pad replaced. Possible seat belt replacement. Who knew? Not me. I do now!

I have to give credit to my insurance company they came out the next day and had check in hand. Pretty impressive given the amount of storm damage in these parts after Monday. I count myself darn lucky.

So now I leave you all with a question.

What is the best way to keep squirrels away from my garden? Besides shooting them. Which would be hard seeing as I neither own nor ever intend to own a gun.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

I am going to change the title and focus of my blog

I think I will call it The Sick Room and it will be a chronicle of the massive amounts of illness my family members go through.

Why the change, you might be asking?

Because apparently that is what the people in this house do. They get sick, get well for two days and then get something else. The sister blog will be titled Why I am a Cranky Bitch. That will be a forum for me to rant and rave about how F-U-C-K-I-N-G tired I am of the illness that seems to abound around here.

So to give you the run down....a few weeks ago we had one down with strep, quickly followed by some kind of hideous rash. That was only a few weeks after #2 had a sinus infection, and BH had some kind of plague that left him practically bedridden for 10 days. Since about October I would be willing to bet that we have not gone for more than a month without someone coming down with some illness. #2 has really more than surpassed her quota this year. I plan to have a LONG and DETAILED disucssion about her what feel like chronic sinus issues at her upcoming "well child" visit. I only hope it's well child.

#2 has yet another sinus thing going on that leaves her with a hacking cough and constant sniffles. BH has spent the better part of this weekend down with some kind of stomach ailment.

#1 and I have been fairly illness free, except for her bout of strep and rashickiness. Me....just a cold here and there. Of course now I have jinxed myself and will likely end up with some vile thing by tomorrow morning.

So that is why I am making changes...because this apparently is what consumes me and makes me a cranky bitch.