Thursday, June 26, 2008

So Very Lazy

Because I am a lazy lazy girl I am totally stealing this from my good friend Ali over at Flabbypants. If you have not checked out her blog I urge you to go there this instant! (OK I urge you to go once you have finished reading this blog!) Ali never fails to be funny and I assure that you will be glad you stopped by. I would promise money or something, but I haven't any so you will just have to trust me.

Anyway here is the post I totally stole from Ali:

Because I'm both narcissistic and bored, I've come up with a little get-to-know-you quiz. Feel free to answer these in the comment section provided.

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

A Quaker all natuaral dark chocoloate chunk granola bar, banana, skim milk(from the Iwig Family Dairy of course!) BH and I are completely addicted to these damn granola bars.

2. Favorite reality show?

Rock of Love. Sometimes Jon and Kate plus 8. I am totally addicted to those damn baby birthing shows they have on TLC and Discovery Health.

3. Obama: President or SuperPresident?

I really need him to be SuperPresident so that I can start sleeping better.

4. Is Katherine Heigl ballsy or a bitch for calling out the Grey's Anatomy writers?

Ballsy. More people (especially women) should say what they truly think.

4 1/2. Would you refuse an Emmy nod?

Hmm...I would like to think that I would have the integrity to say no if I thought it was truly not earned, but since I can't say no to a damn offer to audition in a community theater production due the immense flattery I experience I would have to guess that I would totally fold in the face of such recognition.

5. Imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend

Gael Garcia Bernal.

6. College major you wish you'd chosen

The one that someone else paid for.

7. Do you ever consider moving back to your hometown?

I did so 10 years ago.

8. Favorite word (even if you're not sure what it means exactly)

That is a tough one. I sometimes get a lot of pleasure from saying Fuck.

8 1/2: Most overused word


9. Most guilty guilty pleasure

Chick-lit with a side of Ben and Jerry's

10. When you were a kid, did you wish you had a different name?

For awhile when I was in ohhh the first grade I believe, I thought I would have enjoyed being named Lori or Candy. For the most part I have been ok with my name.

There you have it. My totally ripped off post. Feel free to respond.


Dan G said...

Replied on Flabbypants. Is it true you're visiting NYC next summer? I heard that rumor from YOU (a while ago), so it better be.

Missy said...

Hey Ace!
Yes it is true. We are not sure of the exact date yet, and likely won't for a while yet. I don't know if you knew this or not, but BH started working on his Masters degree this summer so we will have to work our visit to NYC around whatever class(es) he takes next summer since that is the prime time for him to take classes. My guess is that it will be July, as the summer courses are usually wrapped up by then. We are also still debating if it will be a couples only trip, or if we will include the children. Right now we are leaning towards a just me and him trip seeing as how that has not happened since the kiddoes came along.

Ali said...

COME VISIT US! NOW! Will probably won't pee on your floor! (I mean our floor... Except that he'll probably pee on our floor.)

Missy said...

I am REALLY excited about the visit. I think I am more excited about next summer's vacation than I am about the one we have planned for this summer. We aren't offended by babies who pee on floors, after all both of ours at least once during babyhood managed to shoot poop across the room on the wall. Gotta love them babies.

Dan G said...

I'm totally gonna pee on both of your floors.

Missy said...

Ok, but just so you know, adults that pee on my floors have to clean it up themselves.

Dan G said...

I'll blame the baby.

jeff said...

Just so long as Ace doesn't leave a deuce.