Friday, July 04, 2008

May you too have a drama-free Forfin July

Things are laid back here at Chez Us on this very fine Forfin July Day. We have slept in, exercised, baked cookies, and generally had a nice time.

Now I hope this trend continues until the day is done.

I was NOT looking forward to the holiday this year. In fact I ignored it until forced to deal with it by needing to accept an invitation for some holiday activities.

I was dreading it because the past two have in a word...sucked.

Two years ago the day was spent attending BH's grandmother's funeral.

Last year...we arrived at my brother's house for some fireworks fun only to find that my parents had just left the gathering to take my dad to the hospital because they believed (and were right) that he was having a heart attack.

So yeah....not so much fun happening.

This year will be different I tell you!

I demand it!!

Nothing but fun and happiness.

I will stand for nothing less.


Ali said...

But, uh, you made cookies? Can you describe the cookies?

Missy said...

why yes I can! They were a knock off recipe of Mrs. Fields Chocolatte Chip Cookies from my favorite Top Secret Recipes cookbook. I opted to use Ghiradelli 60% Cacao dark chocolate chunks and oh my were they deeeelicious.