Sunday, July 27, 2008


We are now arrived for the second, third, forty-fifth??? leg of Boyer Vay-Cay 2008.

I have seen lovely woodsy mountains and the Best Water Tower Ever. (no that isn't a typo)

Shortly after we crossed the Tennesse (or maybe it was Kentuckey, long car rides affect my memory) at any rate we saw this huuuuge water tower that was apparently in at town called Florence. Painted in very large bold letters on the water tower was: FLORENCE Y'ALL!!

Unfortunately I could not grab my camera fast enough to get a picture.

So naturally after that we had to address everything with y'all tacked on. I think we threw in a few Flo kiss my grits jokes in for good measure too.

This is how BH and I entertain ourselves on a long car ride.

Trip stats so far:

Driving time: 20 hours
Fast food meals consumed: Blearrrghhhh!
States driven through: 7
States with references to Lincoln on their welcome sign: 3
Nights children have gone to bed ridiculously late: how many have we been gone?
Children who are overtired and grumpy today: 2
Arguments between children in the back seat: 0!!! (there are things to be said about portable DVD players and travelling with grandma and grandpa)
Time spent shopping: 1 hour, but watch out tomorrow...Tanger Outlet here I come! I am looking for some bargains and then I am headed out to one of...
Number of pools at resort: 4!!!

Ciao babies!


Ali said...

20 HOURS?! My butt is numb just thinking about that...

Ali said...

BTW, what did you buy at the Tanger Outlet? Let me live vicariously!

Valerie said...

When you get back let's have lunch, ya'll. I am now healthy - ish. Well at least not contageous :)

Missy said...

Yeah, the total time traveling wound up being 35 hours. We only did about 7 hours a day however. I didn't buy anything too terribly exciting at Tanger. It was a good one though. I mainly got causual non-work wear shorts and shirts for me, and a few things for the girls. Oh yeah..and a ridiculous amount of fudge, but I think I will save that story for a post.

Good Lord Val what happened to you?? I am glad you are feeling better and we absoultely must do some lunch. I will get with you after I get back to work next week and see what awaits me there...ugh.

Ali said...