Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nope....no titles in me today

I don't have a well organized post in my head so let's have an installment of things Missy has been thinking about....

  • If it is said that increasing domestic oil drilling will not have an immediate impact on gas prices (No Shit???) but all these damn politicians keep making a huge deal about it...then why are we not making a bigger deal about finding energy alternatives, increasing public transportation and things like that. None of those things will have an immediate impact on gas prices either, but they sure seem important to me. Perhaps I am just comparing apples and oranges here...but it is what I have been thinking about so it needs to be here.
  • What can I do to truly make myself go to bed at a decent hour and wake up when I am supposed to on a regular basis. Is this a futile dream?
  • Is my current fascination with Facebook an easy way to feel like I am "socializing" so that I can avoid the effort involved with true socializing?
  • I could really go for some ice cream.
  • I need to spend less time on the computer and more time on those nagging little tasks that I keep meaning to take care of...mending clothes, organizing photos from my Disney World vacation 4 years ago, take up crocheting again...oh how the list goes on.
  • I need my tomatoes to get ripe right now.
  • When did it become so difficult to choose presents for my parents?
  • I allowed #2 to cut her hair short, and to try and grow out her bangs. She looks a lot like a very young Meg Ryan now. I wish that we had not taken her hair quite so short, and I hope those bangs grow out fast or she tires of having them in her face quickly....
  • Sometimes you have to make a very concerted effort to draw out your child who likes to hole up in her room and read for hours.

I think that is enough for now.

Now YOU tell me what YOU have been thinking about.


chad said...

Oh yeah, baby, I'm just thinking about your ripe tomatoes and how much I want to pluck them.

Becky said...

You should come over to my blog and check out my melons.