Saturday, July 05, 2008

Made it through


Made it.

No dramatic events.

Perhaps next year my outlook for the 4th will be better now that I have had a positive experience.

So tonight we are off to KC to go to the Drive-in movie!!

I am pretty darn excited as are the children. When I was a kid we went to the drive-in faithfully every Saturday. It was like our church.

Maybe that is why we never were regular churchgoers.

Up too late the night before.

I think maybe it was worth it.

(Did anyone else see that lightning??)


Ali said...

So how was it?!

Missy said...

It was a great time! The girls stayed up for both movies and were so excited that they were able to stay awake so long. We are planning to do it again before the summer is over providing we can find kid friendly movies playing again. I highly recommend it if you have a drive in near you.