Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I made peach cobbler!

Should be going to bed, but our quilt is still damp in the dryer so I may as well blog if I am going to be up for awhile.

I know that you want to know the story of our dirty quilt so let me tell it to you.

We kept noticing these odd...spots I guess you would call them all over our quilt. It is black so the spots had to be funky if they were visible. We were quite perplexed about what was causing these odd stains.

That is until we watched tiny kitty sneeze and blow snot on said quilt. Mystery solved and eeeww!

Can a cat have seasonal allergies? Because this cat sneezes all the damn time and we clean up a lot of cat snot. Perhaps it is time to take her to the vet again. This cat is gonna have to find work soon if this shit keeps up.

On to more pleasant topics.

I made a peach cobbler tonight! It was very good for a first cobbler I thought. I have been eyeing the baskets of fresh peaches at the Farmers Market for a few weeks now and decided last Saturday to buy some. I have had a craving for peach pie like my grandma makes, but pie is a lot of effort when you insist on making the crust from scratch, so I opted for the slightly less labor intensive cobbler. I think peeling and slicing four cups of peaches counts as laboring, hence the use of slightly here. Totally worth the effort I must say.

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Ali said...

Cobbler... Remember to take pictures next time for those of us that can't partake.