Saturday, October 22, 2011

Finally Going Mac

I have been coveting some kind of MacBook since my husband brought his home from school about a year ago.

They are so pretty. So light.

I have been pondering, fretting, wishing, and hoping for a way to get one ever since.

This week BH and I came up with a way to justify my finally making the purchase.

#1 has developed an interest in writing, and has been dabbling in writing fan fiction recently. (My reaction to the ever growing influence of my husband and his geekly interests on our children is another post entirely.) She has been doing so on the ipod Touch that has been glued to her since she purchased it for her birthday last year.

BH and I want to encourage her interest in writing and so decided that a way we could do so would be to allow her to have her own computer. That day was approaching quickly anyway as she will be in...hold on a minute...I have to work up to type this.......


Whew. It has to be said/typed fast or I can't get it out.

Back to my fabulous MacBook justification.

So we came up with the brilliant idea that she could have my computer and I could finally buy that Mac I want so badly.

If you think I didn't jump on that in about 2 seconds, then you don't know me at all.

My grand plans were almost usurped when I discovered that the software I use for my business is not Mac compatable. I found a way around that issue. Won't bore you with the details.

So I made my purchase today! They had an open box model that had been a demo, and they knocked $125 bucks off the price. Looked pretty pristine and it made room to buy Mac friendly Office software! They are clearing all the demo stuff off tonight and I get to pick her up tomorrow!


Then I get to start the "fun" process of transferring all my crap over to the new computer.

That could take awhile.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crock Pot Tales of Woe

In the fall and winter we often use the crock pot to cook our evening meals.

I am typically the one who assembles and starts the crock pot in the morning before I leave since BH has to leave for work at the ass crack of dawn.

Every time I make a crock pot meal, I am always afraid I will forget to turn it on, and come home to find a cold crock pot and no dinner when I get home. Because of this fear, I feel as though I have developed sudden onset OCD and find myself checking the damn thing 80 times before I leave the house.

Today was a crock pot meal day. Today was also a day that I did not get up and around in a timely manner and therefore was what you might call "rushed."

Being in a hurry apparently is a good antidote to my "OCD-sudden onset, induced by crock pot cooking" disorder.

I did turn on the crock pot.

I did not however, plug in the crock pot.

So tonight's meal was brought to the House of Babble by Burger King.

On a somewhat related side note, do you spell crock pot as two words or one? As I was looking it up I saw both ways. I decided to go for two words, cause I am wordy like that.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


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Ridiculously behind on things at work.
Sleepy. Very Very Very Sleepy.

That is me.

What about you?

Does anyone read this thing anymore?