Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crock Pot Tales of Woe

In the fall and winter we often use the crock pot to cook our evening meals.

I am typically the one who assembles and starts the crock pot in the morning before I leave since BH has to leave for work at the ass crack of dawn.

Every time I make a crock pot meal, I am always afraid I will forget to turn it on, and come home to find a cold crock pot and no dinner when I get home. Because of this fear, I feel as though I have developed sudden onset OCD and find myself checking the damn thing 80 times before I leave the house.

Today was a crock pot meal day. Today was also a day that I did not get up and around in a timely manner and therefore was what you might call "rushed."

Being in a hurry apparently is a good antidote to my "OCD-sudden onset, induced by crock pot cooking" disorder.

I did turn on the crock pot.

I did not however, plug in the crock pot.

So tonight's meal was brought to the House of Babble by Burger King.

On a somewhat related side note, do you spell crock pot as two words or one? As I was looking it up I saw both ways. I decided to go for two words, cause I am wordy like that.

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