Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Photographic Proof

Got the SD Card issue fixed, so here is the proof.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

So I Can Remember That it Really Happened

BH and I just finished wrapping Christmas gifts. All of them.
All. Of. Them.
I think the last time we were finished this early was back in the days when we lived in California and all of our family and friends lived here, so we had be done early or no one got gifts.
Typically we are still wrapping (or on a really bad year just beginning to wrap) at about 11:00 PM Christmas Eve.
I am not sure what to do now.
I may feel very lost Christmas Eve when we return home from our family gathering and only have to set out the presents from Santa.
Maybe I will wrap an empty box or something just to keep me right.

Well, I was going to add a picture, but my computer is refusing to recognize my SD card for some reason. So I guess the photo proof will have to wait.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

What's 5 Months Between Friends?

So I guess I took a little hiatus.

Blogher Ads dropped me about ohhhhhh...... 5 months ago. Which is OK because in the several years I was with them I think I made $25 total, and truth be told I was beginning to dislike the idea of ads on my blog anyway. They dropped me because I was no longer posting on a weekly basis. No real sadness here. The only thing was, their posting rules did keep me posting far more regularly than I have been since I go the ax. Oh well.

So what has been going on since July 1?

School for me continues. Classes are going well. I am getting good grades. Still no school counselor job yet, but then again I didn't really expect to have one at this point and time. I have interviewed a few times. So that is good I suppose. Except for the fact that I would rather stab my eyeballs with a fork than have to sit through an interview. Just finished up my fall class today. I am taking two classes this spring. We'll see how that goes. One was kind of challenging, but September through December are always very busy months for us, spring semester months are a bit less so, or at least that is the delusion I am choosing to believe. I moved into new office space that I really like, but now that I no longer share an office suite with several people, I feel more isolated than ever. So here's hoping for a school job offer soon!

The girls are doing very well. #1 has adjusted very well to high school. She is maintaing her 4.0, getting involved in theatre, and becoming more social. All good things. #2 seems to enjoy 6th grade more than 5th, has tried her hand at Tae Kwan Do, wants to do more roller skating, and is making plans to audition for a show next month at a local community theatre.

BH continues to be an imparter of golden wisdom to his high school students, directed a successful musical production, and is excited that in 2014 he will be able to do his work in a brand-spanking new theatre! The first time in his teaching career that the stage won't be in a cafetorium. Very exciting!

My photography project really began waning in the spring, and pretty much went dormant over the summer. It was just too hard to keep up what with school, children, being a wife, and all that. I think about it a lot and sure hope to make time to get back to it soon. I'd like to think I could do something with it while I am on break from school, but truthfully I feel I have a lot of catching up to do with things that I have let go while the school thing has been going on.

I have been a pretty dull girl these past several months but....I have put too many years in to this blog I guess and I just can't bring myself to let it go. So I will post when I can, and hope that both of my readers will continue to check in from time to time.

Til the next one!