Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is it better to say nothing at all?

If you really don't have a blog post in mind, is it better not to post at all if the only thing you can write about is how you don't know what to post today?

These are the things that make me lie awake at night.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sign of a good day

It is 10:13 AM and I have been up for just about 1 hour.

Sleeping in....GOOOOOODDD.

Now if someone would just take me out for a yummy breakfast...err..brunch I would REALLY be off to a good start.

It doesn't take that much to make me happy.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The weather man apparently has BH's back

So about 3 AM today we had a very long and loud storm roll through.

BH got up to reassure the dog and decided to check the TV to make sure a trip to the basement was not imminent.

When he got back to bed I asked him what the weather man had said.

He informed me that it was just a severe thunderstorm AND the weatherman said that BH and I should have sex.

I laughed and laughed....OH how I laughed!!

A Good Tired.....I think

House cleaned...check

Extra tables and chairs procured....check

Veggies purchased.....check

Yard made to look MUCH less ugly than it did before...check sort of, still some de-junglefying to do in the back yard.

TWO Mayonnaise cakes made and frosted.....Nope, but here is hubby back from the store with the mayo. Shhhh!!!!! I made him get fat free mayo. No one but us will ever know....the frosting from a can will make up for the fat free mayo. I said f-you to making frosting this time. I have spent the entire day trimming, pulling, digging, and planting. I am beginning to hurt and people are lucky I didn't buy a damn chocoloate cake from the store and try to pass it off as the real deal.

Crabby and tired...check

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another chapter of "Tales From the Nurses Office"

Both of my children have had a fascination at some point during their school career with going to the nurse's office. #1 has outgrown it. #2 is doing better. #2 is having Far fewer incidents than last year, but still more than I deem acceptable.

Last year she would often go because of the ever popular "tummy ache." In truth she did have tummy aches. Because #2 is picky about where she poops. Meaning she only likes to go on her own throne in the palace so to speak. So when the issue would arise at school, she would plead a tummy ache, go to the nurse and try to get me to come and get her. We have pretty strict rules at our house about what designates a sick day. That is a fever, throwing up, diarrhea, or other communicable disease. If those ain't happening you ain't coming or staying home. Besides that, I knew what the deal was and I told her in no uncertain terms that I was not picking her up from school so that she could come home and poop. Everyone has to draw the line somewhere and that is mine.

Today I took #2 to the nurse before shcool to explain what was going on with this allergic reaction/itchy rash deal. I told her that if the rash became more (emphasis on the MORE here) bothersome, or she was getting much worse to call me. Well sure enough about noon my phone is ringing. #1 is itchy. Only on one leg I come to find out. This does not meet criteria for much worse, and we only have 2 hours till the doctor.

My verdict:
If I refuse to bring your sister home to poop, then I can't justify bringing you home to scratch your leg. Request to come home is denied.

You will all be relieved to know that she made it through and is still around to tell us about it.

I'd Like to place an order for some convenience please

Add on a side order of Enough Already too.

If I have from 9-11 and 3-4 free why can't it be that the doctor can see us during one of those times?

If my child has an illness that requires antibiotics, can she please not be allergic to the medication? If she is can we just stop it and give her something else without the doctor's appointment?

I think I am done whining now.

How 'bout some good news? Good news for me any way!

Remember those Coldplay tickets I was coveting?

I am so going.


How 'bout some HOLY SHIT news?

This Sunday...the date for the monthly family dinner...head count for attendance so far....


Dessert on the menu this time???

Mayonnaise Cake.

'Cause if it ain't full o'fat and sugar my kin AIN'T interested.

Anyone got a good recipe for cream cheese frosting? (I'm looking at you Hatchet!)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now I want tickets to see Coldplay

Perhaps signing up for that Live Nation e-mail alert thing was not such a good idea.

On the very heels of the Elvis Costello and The Police, I get a notice that tickets for Coldplay go on sale this Saturday. I skipped out last time they came around and moaned about it for a long time.

I just need someone willing to shell out the big (but not as big as they were for the Police) bucks to go with me. BH likes Coldplay, but not as much as I do and ain't too interested in spending that kind of money for a band he just likes, but doesn't Lu-HOVE. He however is not protesting at the thought of me spending that kind of money so I can go. I just don't fancy attending concerts by myself. That is no fun. I am old enough now that I don't want the cheapy nosebleeding seats either. I am not going for top price range, but mid-range which is still pricey. Ridiculously pricey really, but I guess we all have things that we are willing to spend amounts of money that seem ridiculous to others. Live music happens to be that item for me. I don't go nearly as often as I would like. The Police was the first concert I have been to in at least 5 years.

Concerts are almost always interesting experiences and this was no exception. I did not feel like I was the oldie at this particular show. People were on their feet, but there was little dancing, in part I think because the seats and aisles are close together. This was the first concert I have been to (with the exception of Harry Connick Jr. )where there was no pot aroma in the air. Maybe the ventillation is just really good or something at the Sprint Center, but I tell ya I am always seated next to the big toker at nearly every show I have gone to. But not this one. For which I was grateful. The smell of weed makes me quite nauseous. While we were by no means bored, by about 10:00 both BH and I were stifling yawns. Which was a little sad, and a testament to the fact that we are old.

I have learned that having the aisle seat at the Sprint Center is not a good thing. For whatever reason people did not arrive on time to see Elvis Costello. Which I can't understand. I did not feel he was getting enough love in KC. His set was far too short in my opinion, I think his repetoire of material is just too vast for an opening act. Hopefully he will come around and headline in a smaller venue sometime. I will be there if he does. Anyway back to the aisle seat thing...people were constantly coming, going, stopping on the steps to talk to their friends and rather effectively blocking my view. I kept my temper in check, but I was dying to yell rude and passive aggressive things at these people. BH was upset at the lack of turnout for EC, very surprising to say the least.

All right. I guess I have rattled on about the show long enough. There are lunches to be made and other chores to do. Only 5 more lunches to make after today. Thank GOD. I am ready for school to be over so that children will settle down. Not my own this time. They are doing fine. The children I work with however are not doing so hot and my phone at work is constantly ringing, kids are flipping out all over. Yeesh. SED children DO NOT take major schedule changes well as a general rule. The end of the school year sets many of them off. Makes for a tired me. And a busy and behind me too.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hold on EC we're comin to the station!

Tonight is the night!

At long long last I will be in the company of my man Sting and his law enforcement counterparts, and to top it off I will get to listen to the gentle croonings of the only Elvis I am interested in listening to. That Elvis being Elvis Costello of course.

This promises to be a most excellent show and no doubt well worth the fatigue and voicelessness I will experience tomorrow.

Worth. It.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Will excessive sweat hamper the therapeutic process?

I have been pondering something lately.

Riding my bike to work this summer.

There are a lot of reasons that it would be a good thing:

  • Exercise exercise exercise
  • better for my checking account
  • better for the environment
  • exercise
  • more exercise

There are also a few things keeping me from comitting at this point:

  • Kansas is fucking ridiculously humid in the summer. This equals sweat and B.O.
  • I would have helmet hair
  • Nobody wants to be in a small office with a stinky therapist
  • I probably wouldn't be able to come home for lunch anymore
  • Helmet hair

Yes most of my reasons not to are vain and selfish.

But come on people. I have curly hair...between the humidity and the helmut I will look like a sad drowned poodle.

Let's hear it for Downward Dog

So I did it.

Followed through.

Started that Yoga class that I have been talking about doing for quite a while now.

I came thisclose to not following through. I am pretty famous for that these days. I had all kinds of excuses about why I couldn't shouldn't go:

  • No yoga mat
  • I wouldn't be home until 7
  • I'm too tired
  • It cost money
  • blah blah
  • whine whine

My downfall came when I mentioned to my BH that I had pretty much decided against it. Now BH is not one to be forceful, or tell me what to do but this time he decided he was going to put his foot down so to speak. Basically he told me I was full of crap, had pathetic excuses, and needed to just take the damn class already. (He said it in a kind and loving way, but I got the subtext.) He then proceeded to march my hiney to Target knowing full well that I am powerless against the siren's call of my beloved red bullseye mecca, and suggested again in a kind and loving way that I not return to the car until I had purchased a yoga mat. So I did.

Then the next day I went to class and guess what????

The world didn't end, my family did not feel neglected nor did they hate me, AND I felt more relaxed than I have in months.

I have to battle tremendous guilt when it comes to doing things that are strictly for my own enjoyment and benefit. Seriously. It is bad. This yoga class? One hour a week, AT MY PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT right after my last appointment on Thursdays, and I had 10 excuses why this was a bad idea. All because of the guilt. It is nothing short of amazing that I have actually been in community theater productions at all. When I do finally audition, I almost immediately start hoping that I won't be cast because I hate dealing with the guilt. For that kind of commitment it is almost crippling. It takes me weeks to stop thinking that I need to quit the show. Since I work all day and have only a precious few waking hours with my children in the evenings I feel that they should have me all of the time that I am not at work. Not exactly reasonable or healthy. Unfortunately this apparently is how I operate. There are reasons behind this and I am very aware of them. Doesn't seem to stop me from experiencing ridiculous amounts of guilt however.

So if I actually manage to follow through with that cake decorating class......I might be on the road to recovery.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Missy is a graduation girl


Today officially marks the end of my monthly weekend sacrifice.

Today I graduated from my Play Therapy Certification Program!


Soon there will be more initials to add after my name.

You can't have too many initials you know!

On the good side:

So no more weekends sacrificed for class time!

No more expensive payments to pay for the classes!

On the not so good side:

No more time with all the great people in my class.

Not to be a Negative Nancy here, but it has been my experience that when one participates in classes for adult professionals there is almost ALWAYS one person who is really fucking annoying. They ask a million questions that are not pertinent, stress out over things that are not important and take up class time about it, if you have ever been involved in a continuing education class I bet you know what I am talking about.

This class was exceptional in that there was no one who was irritating or annoying, and we all got to know each other really well and have a good time each LOOOOONNNGGG weekend we spent together. So I am a little sad about that tonight.

I have sucumbed to Facebook now, in an attempt to keep in touch with my classmates. It is kind of fun. If you have a Facebook account let me know and we can be friends!

I also have a Myspace account too, but I don't do much with it. Really my initial purpose in joining Myspace was to be able to see Zach Braff's myspace page. He is one of my friends. So it makes me look cool. Or maybe pathetic, probably a loser, hopefully not a stalker. 20 or so messages a day professing my undying love doesn't make me a stalker..... right?

So what will I do with all of my spare time and money?

I think I am going to start taking a Yoga class. They have one once a week where I work. I have wanted to try yoga for a long time now. May as well do it while I am at work!

I also hope to take a cake decorating class. Hopefully some instruction will lessen my frustration twice a year when I attempt to make fancy decorated cakes. At the very least I hope it will lessen my use of vile and profane language while attempted said cakes.

The money gets to go to BH's graduate classes that we hope will begin this summer.

Maybe if I am feeling brave later I will post a picture of me in a gold crown and lei with my play therapy classmates getting silly stringed by the instructors.

Why did they do that?

Because that's how we play therapists roll.