Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'd Like to place an order for some convenience please

Add on a side order of Enough Already too.

If I have from 9-11 and 3-4 free why can't it be that the doctor can see us during one of those times?

If my child has an illness that requires antibiotics, can she please not be allergic to the medication? If she is can we just stop it and give her something else without the doctor's appointment?

I think I am done whining now.

How 'bout some good news? Good news for me any way!

Remember those Coldplay tickets I was coveting?

I am so going.


How 'bout some HOLY SHIT news?

This Sunday...the date for the monthly family dinner...head count for attendance so far....


Dessert on the menu this time???

Mayonnaise Cake.

'Cause if it ain't full o'fat and sugar my kin AIN'T interested.

Anyone got a good recipe for cream cheese frosting? (I'm looking at you Hatchet!)


Ali said...

COLDPLAY, COLDPLAY, COLDPLAY! How'd you manage that, Mr. Potter? ('Cause getting those tickets is like magic! Right? Right?)

Swistle said...

Those seem like such REASONABLE REQUESTS.