Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now I want tickets to see Coldplay

Perhaps signing up for that Live Nation e-mail alert thing was not such a good idea.

On the very heels of the Elvis Costello and The Police, I get a notice that tickets for Coldplay go on sale this Saturday. I skipped out last time they came around and moaned about it for a long time.

I just need someone willing to shell out the big (but not as big as they were for the Police) bucks to go with me. BH likes Coldplay, but not as much as I do and ain't too interested in spending that kind of money for a band he just likes, but doesn't Lu-HOVE. He however is not protesting at the thought of me spending that kind of money so I can go. I just don't fancy attending concerts by myself. That is no fun. I am old enough now that I don't want the cheapy nosebleeding seats either. I am not going for top price range, but mid-range which is still pricey. Ridiculously pricey really, but I guess we all have things that we are willing to spend amounts of money that seem ridiculous to others. Live music happens to be that item for me. I don't go nearly as often as I would like. The Police was the first concert I have been to in at least 5 years.

Concerts are almost always interesting experiences and this was no exception. I did not feel like I was the oldie at this particular show. People were on their feet, but there was little dancing, in part I think because the seats and aisles are close together. This was the first concert I have been to (with the exception of Harry Connick Jr. )where there was no pot aroma in the air. Maybe the ventillation is just really good or something at the Sprint Center, but I tell ya I am always seated next to the big toker at nearly every show I have gone to. But not this one. For which I was grateful. The smell of weed makes me quite nauseous. While we were by no means bored, by about 10:00 both BH and I were stifling yawns. Which was a little sad, and a testament to the fact that we are old.

I have learned that having the aisle seat at the Sprint Center is not a good thing. For whatever reason people did not arrive on time to see Elvis Costello. Which I can't understand. I did not feel he was getting enough love in KC. His set was far too short in my opinion, I think his repetoire of material is just too vast for an opening act. Hopefully he will come around and headline in a smaller venue sometime. I will be there if he does. Anyway back to the aisle seat thing...people were constantly coming, going, stopping on the steps to talk to their friends and rather effectively blocking my view. I kept my temper in check, but I was dying to yell rude and passive aggressive things at these people. BH was upset at the lack of turnout for EC, very surprising to say the least.

All right. I guess I have rattled on about the show long enough. There are lunches to be made and other chores to do. Only 5 more lunches to make after today. Thank GOD. I am ready for school to be over so that children will settle down. Not my own this time. They are doing fine. The children I work with however are not doing so hot and my phone at work is constantly ringing, kids are flipping out all over. Yeesh. SED children DO NOT take major schedule changes well as a general rule. The end of the school year sets many of them off. Makes for a tired me. And a busy and behind me too.



Not your mommy said...

Gald to know I'm not the only one in the group getting old. Hubby and I went to see Black Crows play at the Uptown a few years back. It's a fairly small venue and there were a few seats, two of which we were able to snag. We made it through the opening act and maybe five of BC's songs before we had to call it quits and head for home. I was afraid we would fall asleep on the drive home, and we didn't even have the long drive a head of us that you and BH would have had. Maybe had it been Counting Crows insted of Black Crows I would have been more inclined to tough it out until the final encore. Of course if it had been CC Hubby would never have gone in the first place.
PS thanks for the note of encouragement. I thought maybe I was comming across a little too b*tchy. It's mostly just a perosna I have taking on in my writing. It is part of a piece of writing that I have been fiddling around with for a couple of years now. It stated as a novel, then I tried it as a short story, now it is shapping up to be a screenplay. Of course unless I ever force myself to write out more thant he first scene it won't ever be anything.
PHEW I had a lot to say today.

Ali said...

But can we discuss the ridiculous hotness that is Sting? Remind me to tell you about the event I catered where I got to watch him rehearse and perform (he was feet - mere FEET - away). I also got to watch him ogle a burlesque performer which was was kind of weird, mostly because she was almost totally naked. Not that I have a problem with that, but it's a little awkward when you're trying to serve chicken. (There was a big dust up over who got to serve Sting. I'm not saying it was me, but somebody might've cried a little tear when he left the table right before serve out...)

Missy said...

We can ALWAYS discuss the ridiculous hotness that is Sting. He was sporting (and rocking) a beard at the show I saw last week. I am pretty sure I would have been rendered mute at the very least, and more likely run away crying if I were to find myself standing mere feet away from a Sex God like Sting.