Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another chapter of "Tales From the Nurses Office"

Both of my children have had a fascination at some point during their school career with going to the nurse's office. #1 has outgrown it. #2 is doing better. #2 is having Far fewer incidents than last year, but still more than I deem acceptable.

Last year she would often go because of the ever popular "tummy ache." In truth she did have tummy aches. Because #2 is picky about where she poops. Meaning she only likes to go on her own throne in the palace so to speak. So when the issue would arise at school, she would plead a tummy ache, go to the nurse and try to get me to come and get her. We have pretty strict rules at our house about what designates a sick day. That is a fever, throwing up, diarrhea, or other communicable disease. If those ain't happening you ain't coming or staying home. Besides that, I knew what the deal was and I told her in no uncertain terms that I was not picking her up from school so that she could come home and poop. Everyone has to draw the line somewhere and that is mine.

Today I took #2 to the nurse before shcool to explain what was going on with this allergic reaction/itchy rash deal. I told her that if the rash became more (emphasis on the MORE here) bothersome, or she was getting much worse to call me. Well sure enough about noon my phone is ringing. #1 is itchy. Only on one leg I come to find out. This does not meet criteria for much worse, and we only have 2 hours till the doctor.

My verdict:
If I refuse to bring your sister home to poop, then I can't justify bringing you home to scratch your leg. Request to come home is denied.

You will all be relieved to know that she made it through and is still around to tell us about it.


Not your mommy said...

Can't blame a girl for wanting to poop on her own pot. Even as an adult I find it difficult to take care of business outside of my own porcelin office. Extended vacations are torture for me. I'm sure that more information than anyone ever wanted to know about me.
The trick for your #2's number twos is to help her train her body to go at the same time each day. Every day a the same time before, school would be best or early morning since summer is comming, fill her up with some good fiber (a bran muffin or something) then have her sit on the pot until she lets one go. It takes awhile, but it has be better than the tummy ache.

Ali said...

I just laughed so loud I pooped myself. Luckily I was in my own home.