Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Home again home again jiggety-jig

Hi y'all! I am BACK y'all!

(full disclosure: We got back home late in the afternoon on Saturday)

Why so long in posting?

Because I had big ideas that my first post once we returned was going to be a photo-laden expose on our trip to the south.

Well that takes a long time, and once we got back home we had one day to recover before being thrust full throttle back in to real life. BH and I BOTH had to return to work on Monday. So between playing catch up, adjusting to phase one of Real-life with the Babble Crew, and of course my chronic case of laziness have all been playing a part in the little drama that has been my lack of blogging.

And ever increasing fixation with Faceboook. That MIGHT be a factor too.

Soooo. Soon..a long post about our trip complete with a display of my not so mad photography skillz.

1 comment:

Ali said...

Get those photos up, woman. (Psst - as long as you spell it with a z, it's automatically cool.)