Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Muh-muh-muh My PIANO

Back at the end of the school year a colleague of BH's asked if he would be interested in a piano. A FREE PIANO.

Never being one to pass up a good bargain BH said, "Yes!"

BH and I are champeen procrastinators so we just got around to getting that piano today.
Boy is #2 excited. Her first words upon waking up this morning were, "Hoooray!! Today is piano day!!"

We had to purge the playroom and make toy sacrifices to make room for the new addition.
#2 was not at all happy with my procrastinating ways on Saturday when it came to making the playroom piano ready. At one point when I had told her for the 12 millionth time that I was not quite ready to start the purge she stomped off to her room in a huff. She found me a short time later in the laundry dungeon and said, "While I was being mad in my room I figured out that if I want to do what I want then I am going to have to help get other stuff done, so what can I do to help?" That very loud chorus of angels you heard singing about 2:00 CST last Saturday? That was coming from my house. That is what happens when your child has such an epiphany.
So she helped. We purged and now we have this:

It is older obviously and has some character, but it works. It needs to be tuned, but for now it is not painfully out of tune. It also goes well with our woodwork. Which is important you know!
Now #1 can tune her violin (praise Jesus!) and soon #2 will be plunking out tunes. As soon as we get her started on lessons.
A task which I hope won't fall victim to my procrastination disease.
Not likely. Persistent 7 year olds are a good antidote to that problem.


Ali said...

It's so pretty! Very Little House! (If they'd had room for a pi-anny instead of just Pa's fiddle. Damn those books were good.)

And can I trade my little squaller for your help-around-the-houser? He's very cuuuute!

Ali said...

Say, what happened to the bat?

Missy said...

Those books were the SHIT. I still love them. We were really pleased by the antiquey (is that a word?) look of the pianny. (We have been calling it that and #1 lectured us on how annoying it was. I am so gonna love her as teenager.) Do you remember Brad Renner from high school? He and my aunt are married and he played a few songs on it when they were over on Sunday. It about made me swoon, especially after so many days of children banging on it..

The bat just went away after a day or two. We haven't seen it since. It's job here was done I guess.