Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello, My Name is Missy and I Suffer From Low Blog-Esteem

I seem to once again been in the throes of to blog or not to blog angst.
This is an affliction I suffer from on a fairly regular basis.

My angst involves many questions:

  • Why exactly am I blogging?
  • Is anybody reading this damn thing?
  • Should I be more focused in what I blog about?
  • Are my posts too negative too frequently?
  • Am I as boring as I think I am?
  • Would having a regular feature be a good thing?
  • What would my regular feature be about?
  • Are my kids going to hate me some day because I put embarassing stories out there for the whole world to see?
  • Man I wish I could write about stuff that happens at work. THAT would be some good reading.
  • Why exactly am I blogging?
  • See above

There are more thoughts and questions, but I don't feel like writing them down.

I have had this blog up and running for almost three years now, and it seems a shame to abandon the ship. I probably won't. If nothing else this blog is the only documentation I have of many things that have happened with me and the family, and having it does encourage me to keep that up which is probably a good thing I suppose.

I go through periods where I think that I want to do something to increase readership, but I hold back. To get more readers means reading more blogs, commenting on them and all that stuff. I am not sure that I have nor want to invest that kind of time. Also I am quite shy about all that. There are many blogs that I lurk about with nary a peep, and my site meter tells me that I have lurkers on this blog too.

However just as often I feel no need to increase readership and stand firm that this blog is for friends and family...(well maybe not so much family, I don't believe any of my family know this thing exists which may not be such a bad thing....then again if I am in my increase readership frame of mind what better way than to inform all 8 million of my family members....oops rambling!) and that those who are interested visit here on a regular basis, which is enough.

Sooo.....that is what I have been thinking about recently. Among other things. Like songs that would be good for Rockband, my level of disappointment that Sebelius did not get the VP nod (minimal as it turns out), what has my dad seen at the Democratic National Convention (his bus company was hired to drive people there and around there), will he tell him that he is a Republican?

Apparently there is a lot of thoughts rolling around my pointed little head.


Dan G said...

I just pretend I have no readers. I probably don't have to pretend. I may actually have no readers. But I figure if I'm not entertaining myself there's no point in doing it. So do it to entertain yourself.

Missy said...

I read your blog Ace. It helps me keep up with all that is political and bald related. I also read because I like you, and find you entertaining. (Do you feel all warm and fuzzy inside now?)

I think ultimately entertaining myself is why I keep this up. It makes me feel like I do more than just work and take care of a family. So I will take your advice and keep on...until it no longer pleases me.

Every once and awhile I feel the need to evaluate what I am doing, and sometimes this blog bears the brunt of my need to do so.

Shari Schmidt said...

Blog just because you want to. You don't need another reason. Some day you'll be able to print it all out and make a book for your children. It will make you smile then.

Missy said...

Printing it out for a book is a great idea! I never even thought about that.

filthEdesign said...

i read you and B&E :)

i concur - i think you just have to do it for yourself...unless you really have the time and energy to dedicate to becoming recognized in the blogosphere...

i just do it as a means to document my art and links to mostly art related sites that i want to reference an added bonus i can direct people there to see my schtuff, but all else i think just has to happen (or not) organically...

you should keep at it though :)

Ali said...

I READ IT! If that's not reason enough to keep going, I don't know what is!

Missy said...

Never appears that I shall continue to Babble on!