Friday, August 22, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I am still behind with blog posting. School started for my young ones last Tuesday and I am just now getting around to talking about it here. I know that all three of you have been waiting with bated breath to hear about our first day of school.

I am just now feeling sort of caught up from being on vacation. We got back late on a Saturday afternoon and Monday BH and I both had to return to work, I had a big training presentation to make at work the following week and we had to get the kids ready for school. So I been busy!

I don't know what posessed me to agree to present a training at work, since I really hate doing that kind of thing. Well....I hate writing up the powerpoint and all that crap. Getting up and talking about it is ok. I really just want someone to give me the script, I don't wanna write it. The presentation went over well. I got my evaluations back and they were all really good and complimentary. It was like getting an academy award. I wanted to run down the halls with that stack of positive evaluations and get all Sally Field on everyone...shouting, "You like me!!! You really like me!!!!" I controlled myself. For a building full of people who deal with crazy children all day there is a noticeable lack of humor at my place of employment.

So the first day of school. Since we did not have the starting a new school challenge this year, the children were in quite a positive frame of mind about going back. I now live with a 5th grader and a 2nd grader. Apparently once you hit this age it is no longer acceptable for your mother to walk you in to the school building. I was not allowed. This was very difficult for me. So I just sat there in my car, waving like a crazed woman until they could no longer see me. The first day went well, and positive school attitudes continue. Less than a week in to the new school year BOTH children came down with colds. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. I can not bear a repeat of last year's repeated illness.

So on to the pictures!!

#1's annual show us how you really feel about pictures pose
#2 giving us her "picture face" We cut her hair off at the beginning of summer and she decided to grow her bangs out, thus the interesting headband look. We are about halfway there with the bangs. Now....she has decided to grow her hair out and cut her bangs.
*bangs head against a strong concrete surface*

Happy together!


Ali said...

I really like #2's hair. Very stylish, I think, with or without bangs. (Headbands - also very trendy these days.) But nothing tops #1's face in that first pic...

Missy said...

That is priceless. We continue to plunder on with the growing of the bangs. I think they are long enough to stay back with a barrette now. This is tough work. She is a cutie.

That sister of hers. I always get a kick out of her annual How I Really Feel About Having My Picture Taken shot. It is a doozy every time.